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Check Your IAQ to Help Your AC System

Check Your IAQ to Help Your AC System

There are a lot of different factors that can impact the operation of your air conditioning system. From loose parts to low refrigerant levels, one problem going undetected for too long can have a pretty negative effect on your system’s ability to do its job.

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One factor that many people forget to consider is their indoor air quality or IAQ. The reason many people don’t think about how their IAQ affects their AC system is that they don’t realize just how big of an impact it has. We want to give you some extra information so you can better understand just how important your IAQ is to your cooling comfort.

How Your Indoor Air Quality Impacts Your AC

Aside from your air being too hot or too cold, what exactly about the air in your home is going to impact your comfort? A few different factors actually. Things like the amount of dirt or dust in the air, the humidity level, and the ability for air to escape your home are all going to impact your AC.

Why? Let us explain.

  • Debris: Too much debris in the air in your home is going to hinder your AC because it will clog up your return air filter and reduce the airflow going through your system.
  • Humidity: Too much moisture in the air in your home will make it hard for your AC system to cool the house, making it work much harder than it should.
  • Air pressure: If you have air leakages in your ductwork or anywhere in your home, it will negatively impact your ability to stay cool and will force your AC to work harder.

# Ways to Boost Your IAQ and Your AC Operation

If your home IAQ  isn’t where it is supposed to be, it can hinder your ability to stay cool and comfortable during summer. So how do you improve your IAQ? We have some solutions you can use.

Install a dehumidifier: Dehumidifiers are going to help pull some of the excess humidity in your home out of the air so that it isn’t as hard for your AC to keep things cool.

Seal up your home: If there are air leakages around your home, such as around your windows or doors, it will be beneficial to you and your AC to seal up those leaks.

Change your air filter: If your AC filter is clogged with dirt and debris, you will want to change or clean the filter in your system to allow proper airflow to resume again.

We Can Help You Stay Cool

Not sure exactly how best to help your air conditioning in New Port Richey? We can help.

The professional technicians on our team aren’t just experts at keeping your AC system running, they are also experts at assessing and finding solutions to improve your indoor air quality. We know how important it is to have reliable cooling comfort when the summer hits so we will make sure to take every factor into account when we look at improving your home environment.

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