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Do You Need a Thermostat Upgrade?

Do You Need a Thermostat Upgrade?

Your HVAC system needs a good thermostat to keep it running. This system is the control center for your heater and your AC unit. If this part of your comfort system is malfunctioning or is completely broken down, it is going to hinder the ability to keep your house comfortable.

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We want you to enjoy a home that is the perfect temperature at any time. To do that, you need a good thermostat in Tampa. Our team is here to help you with that. We can figure out if the source of your comfort trouble is a bad thermostat and we can help you figure out an upgrade to resolve the issue.

How to Tell Something Is Wrong With Your Thermostat

First things first, you are going to need to figure out if you are actually due to upgrade your thermostat. While repairs are possible in certain cases (ex. a miscalibration in the system), there are also times that you need to simply upgrade this system. How do you know if it’s time for a new thermostat? Be on the alert for these systems and talk to a professional for confirmation:

  • Your thermostat has a long delay when you try to use it or doesn’t respond at all.
  • The temperature reading is always incorrect, leaving the house uncomfortable.
  • You have upgraded your AC and/or heater recently but not your thermostat.
  • You still have an old slider or dial thermostat

Your Thermostat Upgrade Options

If the time has come for an upgrade to your thermostat, we are here to help. Once we confirm that an upgrade is the best option, we can work with you to get the best thermostat installed in your home.

When the time comes for an upgrade, make sure to consider Wi-fi and Smart thermostats as an option. Here are some of the reasons that these systems are a great option for any home in the area:

  • Energy efficiency: Smart and Wi-fi thermostats are going to provide a great improvement to your home’s efficiency. With better temperature detection, your HVAC systems won’t need to struggle as hard to keep the house comfortable.
  • Learned patterns: Newer thermostats have a unique ability to learn your heating and cooling patterns. This can allow a newer thermostat to better predict your use and use less energy along with way.
  • Remote access: When you upgrade to a smart or Wi-fi thermostat, it will provide you with the ability to remotely adjust the temperature in your home. This means you can get things heated or cooled on your way home from work, or you can adjust the temperature to save money while you are on vacation.

Ready to upgrade your home’s thermostat? If so, make sure to get the assistance of a trained professional to get the job done. Our team is available to determine whether you need a thermostat upgrade or not and help with the replacement too.

We guarantee same-day service every time. Our team has served the residents and businesses in Tampa for more than 15 years.

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