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The Benefits of a Zone Control System

The Benefits of a Zone Control System

Tell us if this sounds familiar.

Your home is beautiful and it suits your needs incredibly well. But, due to its floor plan and some tricky corners, it is hard to keep the entire household as comfortable as possible. This is a frustrating situation, but it is thankfully one that we can help with.

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Zone control systems in Tampa, FL are able to provide better comfort control to every person in the house. They can handle a single-story home or a home with three stories. They can suit a home with multiple windows or just a few. Learn more about zone control below and then call us to talk to a technician about setting your home up with one.

What a Zone Control System Does

Wondering what sets apart a zone control system from other home comfort systems? Let us explain.

A zone control system involves a series of dampers set up throughout your ductwork meant to help control the distribution of the temperature-controlled air throughout your home. This allows your home to be divided up into different zones with the comfort of each zone controlled by a corresponding thermostat.

While this won’t let you heat one part of the home and cool the other, what it CAN do is help you better control the amount of air that reaches each area. This means you can limit the amount of air going to areas that need it less and maximize the amount heading to areas that need it most.

How a Zone Control System Helps You

Wondering if a zone control system may help meet your comfort needs better than your current system? It may be a good fit for you if these benefits are what you’re looking for:

  • Addresses uneven temperature control: For those homes that struggle with poor temperature control due to unique floor plans or multiple floors, this system can be a great solution. On hot days you can allow more cool air to reach the upper floors or areas of the home that get too warm and you struggle to cool more.
  • Helps serve multiple floors more effectively: Tired of running your AC for an extensive amount of time because you are trying to keep a certain area manageably cool while it leads to other parts of the home being icy cold? Zone control can give you better control to deal with the specific areas that need it more.
  • Helps you save some extra energy: The best part of zone control systems is that they can help you save energy by allowing you to reduce the use of your AC system. Rather than running it more to try to manage a specific area that gets too hot, you can use this system to serve that area more heavily without using extra energy to do it.

Zone control systems can help homes with hard-to-achieve comfort find the level of temperature control and energy efficiency they’ve been trying to find for years.

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