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Are Your Energy Bills Making You Afraid To Run Your AC?

Are Your Energy Bills Making You Afraid To Run Your AC?

Energy bills are an inevitability in the modern home. The question you have to face each month centers around just how high those energy bills are going to be. Running your oven or your fridge on a regular basis is normal and shouldn’t usually cost too much. Running your air conditioner, however, can be a different story.

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Let’s be blunt for a moment: if your energy bills are getting so high that you are considering trying to battle our next heatwave with a fan, you need to really look at what is causing that increase. You shouldn’t have to choose between keeping the lights on or keeping reasonably cool.

Let’s look at what might be going on with your air conditioner that could be causing such a big increase in your monthly dues and how you can get those bills back to normal.

If you just noticed a spike in your last energy bill…

You got your last energy bill and noticed that there was a spike in energy use recorded over the last month. This didn’t create a huge increase but it also isn’t something you’d expect to see. OUr suggestion here is to do some basic check-ups on your system.

See if you need a filter change first and foremost. Then, check the temperature on the thermostat to see if it can be raised to save energy. Look around for leaks in your doors or windows that might be increasing strain on your system. Once all of this is done, consider scheduling a tune-up for your AC if you skipped yours this spring.

If your energy bills have recently begun to increase despite no changes in your AC use…

You’ve had a few energy bills that were on the higher side even though you haven’t ramped up your use of your AC. As long as no one dropped the thermostat temperature when you weren’t looking, there is a chance that this is an indicator that you need to schedule an air conditioning repair in Oldsmar, FL. A technician can address any number of issues that are sucking up extra energy from a dirty evaporator coil to a faulty fan blade.

If your energy bills seem too expensive, no matter how little you run your AC system…

You got maintenance done in the spring like you always do, and you made sure to keep track of your air conditioner’s performance so any needed repairs were addressed promptly. Even with all that effort though, you are noticing that your energy bills are still abnormally high. We hate to break it to you but if this has been an ongoing issue it may be a sign that you have an air conditioner that is ready to retire.

Whether it is AC repairs or a replacement, you can rely on our team to help get the job done right. Every member of our team works hard to exceed customer expectations.

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