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Oldsmar, FL HVAC and Plumbing Services

Same - Day Service • 7 - Days a Week Emergency Hotline 813-948-6355

Whatever your living situation, you will need someone in your corner when one of your home systems goes wrong. Whether that involves fixing a leaking pipe or addressing a faulty air conditioner then it helps to have a professional to turn to. The team at IERNA's Heating & Cooling can be your go-to resource for your home HVAC and plumbing services. We’ve provided reliable, expert assistance to homes throughout Lutz, FL and the surrounding areas for a long time. When you work with us you’ll benefit from years of training and expertise in the field.

Make IERNA's Heating & Cooling your go-to source for AC and heating services in Oldsmar, FL. Contact us today!

Oldsmar, FL Air Conditioning Services 

Let’s be blunt, trying to get through the hottest days of the year in Florida without an air conditioner makes for a miserable time. You should not have to get by without a reliable source of cooling during our summer seasons. We can help make sure that you never have to go without a trusty AC in your home.

We provide air conditioning installation, maintenance, and repairs. We work with the best systems and provide comprehensive services that will guarantee your satisfaction.

Oldsmar, FL Air Conditioning Repair 

Are you experiencing minor issues with your air conditioner? Don’t wait to schedule services, no matter what the issue may be. You might not think that an odd noise or a hike in temperatures is such a big deal, but it can be if you do not resolve the issue quickly. Contact IERNA's Heating & Cooling at the first sign of trouble! We’ll meet all your air conditioning repair needs. 

More on Our Generator Systems and Services

A well-maintained generator can keep you from spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on unnecessary expenses should your power go out for a long period of time. A good generator can power just one of the most important appliances in your home, several important electrical appliances, or your entire home! Call us today for more details or to schedule service with a generator specialist.

Plumber in Oldsmar, FL

Next to your air conditioner, your home’s plumbing is probably one of the most important things that you rely on in your daily life here in Oldsmar, FL. Whether it is the pipes that provide water to the faucets around your house or the hot water heater that you rely on for your warm showers, the parts of your plumbing system are essential to your lifestyle. Our expert plumbers can provide services that keep your plumbing in working order all year long.

Our Experts Handle All Drain Cleaning and Water Treatment Systems in Oldsmar, FL

Drains all clogged up? Tap water taste funny? If so, we can help you out. We offer a full range of drain cleaning services, including video pipe inspection, to make sure that your drains operate as smoothly as possible. We also offer a wide range of water treatment system services, including reverse osmosis system installation. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our experts. We’ll make sure that your plumbing system is restored to top condition, no matter what state it’s in now. 

Water Heater Services from the Team You Can Trust

No matter what temperature it is outside or what the weather conditions are, there is one appliance in your home you will need every day, all year round. That is your water heater. When it comes to trusting a company to provide you with water heater services throughout Oldsmar, FL and beyond, you can call on our team at IERNA's Heating & Cooling.

Our services include gas and electric water heater installation. We’ll even help you decide if a traditional storage tank water heater is a good option for you or if a better choice would be the tankless water heater. 

Call Today for Heating Services

We are Florida locals too so we understand that it gets cold around here during winter. There will be days and nights when you really need a heater to help you keep warm. Our goal is to make sure that you can rely on your heating system to take the chill out of the air in your home when you need it most.IERNA's Heating & Cooling works with just about every heating system out there.

Get in Touch to Schedule Heating System Repair

A heating system in need of repair can be a potential safety risk to your family members. A malfunctioning safety switch or a cracked heat exchanger can may allow gas or carbon monoxide to leak into your home. Don’t let this happen to your home. Call us as soon as you notice issues with your heater, whether it is gas or electric.

We Service Furnaces

We install Bryant furnaces with variable speed fans for the ultimate in comfort and efficiency. And we also service fans of all makes and models, whether we installed them or not. We offer furnace maintenance services that help to keep your furnace in excellent condition. Or we will replace your older furnace when it becomes your best option for whole-home heating performance.

Heat Pumps Are Efficient All Year

We recommend heat pumps to our Oldsmar customers because heat pumps are efficient here throughout the entire year. In the summer, a high-efficiency heat pump will operate just like a quality central air conditioner because it has the same components. But on a cold night in winter, it can move heat into the home, not just out of it, with the help of reversing valves that redirect the flow of refrigerant.

Why Schedule Air Duct Cleaning in Oldsmar, FL?

Air ducts have more of an effect on the quality of your cooling and heating than you may think.  Buildup inside of your ducts can contribute to poor air quality, and many people say they notice a difference in the quality of the air they breathe after professional cleaning. It also has an effect on the cooling and heating power of your system because it restricts airflow, and a lot of debris can form in a duct system over the years. Call in a professional technician to see that every portion of your ductwork is sanitized.

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