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Air Conditioning Guide: Benefits of Mr. Slim Ductless System


One of the long time problems Tampa homeowners without space for ductwork have had is air conditioning. Homes that are either too small or built in such a way that they cannot support ductwork and a central air conditioning system are often cooled with window or standalone units that not only offer incomplete cooling but can cost much more to operate over the course of a full summer. That’s why we have long been proud to offer the Mr. Slim ductless mini split air conditioning system from Mitsubishi to our customers – a full blown alternative to central air that is affordable to install and operate.

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 Specific Benefits of Mr. Slim

To start, the Mr. Slim ductless system can be installed in any home. Whether you have a  fully-finished attic without ductwork or your entire home lacks ductwork, a ductless system can be installed in any space. Not only that, but you can have multiple indoor units installed, allowing you to cool different parts of your home with different thermostats – providing greater control and reducing the overall cost of comfort control.

Beyond actually being able to install and use air conditioning throughout your Tampa home, the Mr. Slim system provides exceptional efficiency ratings, often at or above 20 SEER – which few central system can match. Combined with what amounts to a zone control system, you can keep your bills much lower.

Finally, the Mr. Slim ductless mini split air conditioning system also provides heating during the cooler winter months, allowing you to either replace or supplement the heating system in your home with the same condenser based system you use for cooling.

There are a lot of reasons why you might consider having a ductless system like Mitsubishi’s Mr. Slim installed in your Tampa home – from cost to compatibility to heating benefits. If you’re interested in any of them, give Ierna’s Heating & Cooling a call to learn more.