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AC Emergency: My System Won’t Start!


With temperatures still hovering in the 80’s, we don’t need to think about our heating systems quite yet, unlike other parts of the country. In fact, chances are you’re still using your AC system on a pretty regular basis. But what happens when you go to turn on your air conditioner to discover that it won’t start up? This is actually a pretty common emergency call we receive, since the unit has been working so hard all season long.

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Fortunately, sometimes the problem isn’t with your system at all, but instead has a simple fix. Hopefully this is the case in your scenario. Keep reading for some tips on what you should do when you discover your air conditioning system isn’t working as it should.

Check your Power

If your AC failure happens during the day, you might have lost power and just not noticed it. Or, if you do have power to the rest of your home, then the problem might be a tripped circuit breaker. Tripped circuit breakers happen when they receive too much excess electricity. With how much we need to use our air conditioners, this problem shouldn’t come as a surprise. Check your panel and reset the circuit breaker to see if that does the trick.

Check Your Thermostat

We have to say it—sometimes a family member may have changed the desired temperature on your thermostat due to different cooling preferences. Be sure to check that it’s set where you want it. You may also discover a blank screen. If your thermostat is not hard-wired into your electrical system, then this is the case of dead batteries. Change the batteries, check the settings, and then wait to see if your AC now starts up.

Check the Air Filter

Your system’s air filter needs to be changed or cleaned every 1-3 months depending on how much debris it accumulates. Failing to perform this self-maintenance task will result in a clogged air filter which can seriously impede air flow. So, your air conditioner might be running but you don’t feel the cooling power you should.

If you’ve followed the above tips but still find you’re having trouble, contact IERNA’s Heating & Cooling for Carrollwood, FL air conditioning repairs.