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Why Have UV Germicidal Lights Installed?


Our winter weather is not nearly as extreme as in other parts of the country, obviously, but temperatures do cool down during the season. In order to live comfortably when temperatures cool off, you need to have a good heater installed in your home. You’d be remiss, though, to overlook the importance of your indoor air quality throughout the winter months. When you have air of a subpar quality filling your home, you are at a higher risk of illness and allergy symptoms. Air filters are a good start on the path toward better air quality, but do little to combat biological pollutants. That’s why you may want to use UV germicidal lights in Tampa, FL. Contact IERNA’s Heating & Cooling to have yours installed by a qualified professional.

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Benefits of Using UV Germicidal Lights

Not every homeowners is going to need to have UV germicidal lights installed within his or her home. If you’ve had trouble in the past with mold growth, though, or if illness if a common occurrence in your home, then UV germicidal lights may be a good investment. Unlike air filtration systems, which trap pollutants like dirt and dust on filtering media or in collection chambers, UV germicidal lights use small, safe amounts of ultraviolet radiation in order to destroy biological pollutants. This has many benefits.

These biological pollutants, which may include mold spores, viruses, and bacteria, are living organisms. They are also capable of reproduction. As such, simply trapping them on a filter is not enough to resolve the problems that they cause. This is due to the fact that, after their entrapment, they can continue to reproduce. By disrupting this ability, UV germicidal lights are able to effectively destroy these pollutants. Of course, UV air  purifiers do not trap pollutants at all, so they should be used in conjunction with more traditional air filtration systems, not as a replacement for them. Contact us to learn more.