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Why Choose a Bryant Evolution® Furnace?


When many people think of Florida, they think of hot, sunny weather and beaches. This is the reality of life in this area for much of the year, of course. However, it is not a constant state of affairs. What some people fail to realize is that even Florida gets its fair share of chilly weather, and that a great heating system is still a top priority in this part of the country. If you are thinking about having a new heater installed, either now or once the weather really starts to heat up again, we strongly recommend that you consider using a Bryant Evolution® Furnace in Tampa, FL. These systems have a lot to offer homeowners, as you’ll see below.

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When you choose to use a Bryant Evolution® Furnace, you are choosing to invest in one of the finest heating systems available to residential property owners today. Take the Evolution® System Variable-Speed 90+% Efficiency Gas Furnace Model 987M, for instance. Not only is this system very quiet in its operation, but it offers and amazing 98.3% AFUE rating. AFUE, for those that don’t know, is a measure of thermal efficiency of combustion equipment, including furnaces. A rating of 98.3% AFUE means that the system converts 98.3% of the energy in the fuel into usable heat. Only 1.7% is lost to vented gases.

The Model 987M satisfies the ENERGY STAR®  Most Efficient 2014 guidelines, in all of its available sizes. It also boasts a variable speed motor, which means that you can save money in the summer as well when you pair the system properly matched cooling equipment. This motor can help to boost the SEER (efficiency) of your home cooling system during the summer months, and can also help to regulate humidity control. This is a huge benefit in our environment. Plus, they system is Hybrid Heat®  capable, meaning that you can combine it with a heat pump for further energy savings.

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