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When Should I Change My Air Conditioner’s Air Filter?


If you are a Florida homeowner who doesn’t pay much attention to their air conditioner’s air filter, you are not alone. However, neglecting this AC component can do a lot more harm than good. This is one maintenance task that you can and should handle on your own, on a regular basis!

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The air filter that your HVAC system is supplied with at installation is there to protect the cabinet which houses the system. It helps prevent dust and other debris from entering via return air vents, which can create damage. Basically if the filter is left unattended for too long, it will become congested and will not allow for efficient airflow or an effective AC system at all.

But how often do you actually need to change your air filter? This is actually dependent on a couple factors, one of which being the type of air filter you use. We’ve shared some examples below.

Permanent Filters

You may assume that a permanent filter doesn’t need to be replaced at all. Even if this were true, it still needs to be cleaned on a regular basis. In fact, it’s recommended that it be removed and cleaned using a garden hose on low pressure every two months—more during the months you’re using your AC most heavily.

Panel Filters

These are generally the most affordable type of air filter, but come with less powerful filtration than other air filter types. As such, they need frequent changing—usually about once a month. Be sure to either mark the filter or mark it off on a calendar so you don’t go too long between changes.

Pleated Filters

These types of filters are on the pricier side, however with their polyester design they have more powerful air filtration properties. Be careful though, if you get too efficient of a pleated filter, then it can restrict airflow in your home. Be sure to check with a professional on what type of air filter is right for you.

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