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When Does AC Replacement Make More Sense Than Repairs?


As summer quickly approaches, we don’t need to be reminded of how hot it will get. With temperatures already increasing, you may be faced with the tough decision about what to do with an air conditioning system that’s been troubling you since the last cooling season.

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An AC system isn’t something you can fix on your own. Doing so can actually cause additional damage to your system. Rather, you’ll want to rely on a professional technician’s recommendation and your own budget to decide whether to repair an aging system or replace it. But how do you know for sure which is right?

When Repairs Make Sense

If your HVAC technician informs you that an AC repair is possible and that the repair should hold up for a number of years to come, then repairs are ideal. If your air conditioner only started having issues in the last cooling season, the issue may be just a couple of worn down parts, or a failed capacitor that needs replacing.

However, it’s imperative that you think about the cost, as well as the age and state of your system before rushing to have repairs done. If repairing your system is going to be a significant cost, then replacement might just be the better, more cost-effective option in the long run.

When to Consider Replacement

If an air conditioner repair is going to cost more than half of what an entirely new system would cost, and your AC system is over a decade old, then replacing the system all together might be a better idea. At this point, it’s really very likely that you have a system that’s wearing down anyway, even if you’ve had routine maintenance done every year.

Even with a brand new part, an aging air conditioner just won’t hold up for much longer. As a matter of fact, air conditioning components that don’t match the system they’re operating in will have trouble functioning smoothly. Therefore, your cooling costs could rise and your air conditioner may fail soon afterwards anyway.

Be sure to work with a professional HVAC technician to determine what the best option for you will be, and to find an efficient high-performance unit should you decide that a replacement makes more sense.

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