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What Type of Purifier Is Right For You?

What Type of Purifier Is Right For You?

The quality of the air in your home has a lot to do with your comfort. Issues like high levels of dust, poor humidity control, and the presence of viruses and bacteria can mess with your ability to keep your home environment ideal. There is more than one possible solution to poor IAQ in your home but for today we want to focus on the impact that an air purifier can have.

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Systems for air purification in Tampa, FL can provide you with cleaner air to ensure your home comfort is exactly where you want it to be and your respiratory health gets a bit of a boost too. All you need to do is figure out whether or not you need a purifier, select the best type of system for your home, and contact us to get it installed. The best part? We can help you every step of the way.

What Are the Types Of Purifiers To Choose From?

Did you know that there is more than one type of purifier system available for your home? If you didn’t know already, allow us to tell you a bit about the purification system options that you can choose from. You want to make sure to select the one that meets your home’s indoor air quality needs best.

Electrical Air Purifiers

The first type of purifier is the electrical air purifier. This system uses electricity to magnetically charge the particles within your ductwork. Once it does this, those airborne particles are able to be drawn to a magnetic plate where they are held until the plate is cleaned off. This system literally removes contaminants from the air

UV Germicidal Light Purifiers

The other type of purifier that you can select is the UV germicidal light purifier. Also installed into your ductwork, the UV light destroys or breaks down the reproductive abilities of airborne particles. Ultraviolet light is able to alter the DNA structure of certain particles which allows them to do this. This makes them great for anyone who wants to make sure they are doing their best to kill viruses, bacteria, and mold spores before they mess with their home.

How Purifiers Help Your Home’s IAQ

Installing an air purifier into your home’s HVAC system can have a great impact on your indoor air quality. When installed by a professional, these systems can address a variety of factors that could mess with your home comfort otherwise. Purifiers can offer you the benefits off:

  • Cleaner air: Less dust and debris is able to enter your home thanks to these systems.
  • Fewer illnesses: This is a great help to keep you and your loved ones healthy
  • Fewer respiratory issues: With fewer allergens and other irritants, there is a reduced chance of respiratory irritation.
  • Better HVAC operation: With fewer airborne particles, there will be less debris that might mess with your system’s operation, thereby improving your home comfort.

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