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What Can Lead to Low Indoor Air Quality?


Maintaining high indoor air quality in Tampa, FL is a must if you hope to live comfortably throughout the year. In fact, not only does low indoor air quality threaten your comfort, but it can also put your health at risk. That being said, though, the quality of the air in their homes is a facet of their environment that many homeowners overlook. The indoor air quality specialists on the IERNA’s Heating & Cooling suggest that you take the time to take stock of the quality of the air in your home, though. There are a lot of ways in which it may suffer, and a lot of reasons it may do so. Contact us today if you are ready to explore your indoor air quality system and service options.

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  1. General Cleanliness: In some instances, problems with indoor air quality may stem from the general cleanliness of one’s homes. Even this is not always within one’s control, though. If you have pets, for example, animal fur and dander are just going to be a part of everyday life. Anyone with a cat or dog can tell you that, despite frequent cleaning and sweeping, there is always pet hair to be found. Plus, a lot of different factors can influence the cleanliness of your home, such as proximity to construction projects or major roadways.
  2. Dirty Ductwork: If you, like so many other homeowners, use ductwork in order to distribute heated and/or cooled air throughout your home, then you need to know that this ductwork is clean within. You see, when all of the air conditioned by your system travels through your ductwork, it can pick up the pollutants built up within that ductwork. Once it has, it can then distribute those pollutants throughout your entire house.
  3. High Humidity Levels: We are no strangers to very high humidity levels in this part of the country. When the air outside is too humid, it can lead to high humidity in the home. This, in turn, can lead to problems like the promotion of biological pollutants therein. Using a whole-house dehumidifier can help you to avoid such problems.