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Improve Your Quality of Life with the Right Water Treatment

Improve Your Quality of Life with the Right Water Treatment

When you think about your Riverview, FL plumbing system and the things that can go wrong with it, you probably envision drain clogs, massive leaks, or maybe even broken sewer lines due to tree roots. But how often do you think about the quality of the water making its way through all of those pipes in your home?

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It’s true, the Hillsborough County water & sewer municipality does an effective job of supplying us with clean and reliable drinking and potable water. But even the best municipal supply cannot always prevent the presence of hard water. Hard water is a description given to water that has high levels of minerals in it, namely magnesium and calcium.

Is Hard Water Harmful?

Hard water is not unhealthy to digest, fortunately. However, it does a lot more than you may realize to impact your quality of life. For instance, if hard water is present, you’ll usually detect a metallic taste when you drink a glass of water from the faucet, or use the water when cooking.

There are other effects that hard water has, too. For example, you will likely notice your clothes fading faster when you wash them, due to the presence of the minerals we mentioned above. Hard water warps the threads and material your clothing is made out of, causing them to wear out before their time.

Other Hard Water Effects

Taking a shower with hard water isn’t pleasant. You could find your skin feeling raw, dry, or might even notice a crusty residue left behind after drying off. It’s important to realize too, that this residue that’s left behind on your skin, is also left behind in your pipes. That’s right, the mineral build up within your pipes can cause an eventual blockage and plumbing damage, leaving you replacing or repairing your plumbing much sooner than you would have had to otherwise.

While it’s easy to wipe up residue off your bathtub or shower tiles and fixtures with bathroom cleanser, there’s pretty much nothing you can do about the deposits inside the pipes, without the attention of a professional plumber. And before you rush out to buy some hardware-store chemical drain cleaner, it’s important for us to remind you that these are actually very corrosive, and can have the opposite intended effect on your pipes.

Behold, the Water Softener

A professionally installed and serviced water softener can do a lot to improve your quality of life, from protecting the garments in your laundry, to improving the functionality of your pipes, and the satisfaction of your showers and drinking water. Water softeners effectively remove hard water deposits, and leave your water cleaner, softer, and easier to drink.

Using a water softener can save you a great deal of money on potentially harmful chemical drain cleaners, pipe repair, and even untimely clothing and textile replacement due to ruined laundry. The right plumbing company can make a world of difference in improving the quality of your water with an expertly installed water treatment system!

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