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Use These Tips to Prevent Drain Clogs

Use These Tips to Prevent Drain Clogs

A drain clog is the last thing you need on your hands, especially when you have to take a shower and get out the door. It’s messy, time-consuming, and most of all, hard to fix without professional help. Whether it’s your bathroom or kitchen, you should know how to unclog a drain using these tips and tricks.

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What Happens when a Drain Clogs?

When a drain clog occurs, water may start accumulating in your sink, which ultimately affects drainage. It may lead to flooding, pipe bursts, or even sewage backup.

Why Does a Drain Clog?

A drain may become clogged due to many reasons. Here is a list of possible reasons that you may look out for:

  • Hair. The most common enemy of drain clogs.
  • Food Waste. If your kitchen sink is clogged, chances are that food particles are stuck in the draining pipe.
  • Toilet Paper. Another common enemy that clogs toilets and drains.
  • Foreign Objects. This could be anything, such as a small lid that could land in a drain and block it.
  • Sediment. Over time, there can be a buildup of mineral sediment that may clog drains.

This is just a tentative list, but these causes are common when it comes to drain clogs. In extreme cases, you may have to call a plumber to fix the drain.

Preventing a Drain Clog

  1. Install a Mesh Screen

A mesh screen is a savior when it comes to preventing a clog. This is where your hair can collect in a shower, preventing it from reaching the drain. You can either use this or install a built-in stopper.

  1. Pop-up Stopper

A pop-up stopper is already installed in your bathroom sinks. You can make the most of it by pushing it down before using the sink. Visible objects such as hair and other liquids will collect at the drain, which you can filter out before lifting the stopper. Moreover, you should clean the pop-up stopper every week to get rid of the grime.

  1. Be Vigilant of Food Waste

The easiest thing you can do to prevent clogs. Collect all your food waste in a basket. Avoid cutting near the sink so that there are no chances of food waste landing into it.

  1. Proper Disposal

Use proper disposal for bathroom trash. Do not throw tissue paper, ear-buds, or dental floss into toilets or sink. Just this simple habit can save you the trouble of unclogging drains.

How to Unclog Drain

We know that you might want to try some tips and tricks to get your drain unclogged. We know there are many resources for this online, but you shouldn’t opt for any of them. The only option you should go for is to enlist the help of a professional. Your drain is only going to incur more damage if you opt for things like chemical drain cleaners or amateur work. You should always invest in professional services.

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