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Top 3 Reasons to Schedule Duct Cleaning in New Port Richey


We’ll be honest: there are a lot more exciting things to spend your money on then duct cleaning. Yet here in New Port Richey, duct cleaning is a necessary part of maintaining your household. It takes a professional technician and a few hours to perform properly, but the results are invariably worth it: not only for you and your family, but for your house as well. Here are the top 3 reasons to schedule duct cleaning in New Port Richey.

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  • It improves the quality of your indoor air. Ducts can build up a considerable amount of dust and dirt over time, which get distributed through your household whenever you run the heater or air conditioner. It can exacerbate allergies for sensitive people in your household, as well as irritating the nose and throat for everyone. A duct cleaning can prevent that kind of health issue, as well as cutting down on the amount of dusting you need to do.
  • It keeps your heater and air conditioner running as they should. Dirt and other build-up can interfere with the functioning of your HVAC system, reducing air flow and forcing the system to work harder to properly condition the air. Cleaning the ducts will restore air flow and ensure that your system is functioning as efficiently as it can.
  • It cuts down on mold. Here in Florida, humidity can breed mold and bacteria in hidden spaces like ducts. This can pose even more of a health hazard than dust, as well as interfering with the functioning of your HVAC system in some circumstances. A duct cleaning can help keep your home clear of these types of contaminants.

Here on the Gulf Coast, you can count on Ierna’s Heating & Cooling to provide outstanding duct cleaning services. We handle New Port Richey, FL duct cleaning service with courtesy and professionalism, and can provide more solid reasons to schedule duct cleaning a regular basis. Pick up the phone and call us to schedule a consultation. We’ll show you what we’re all about!