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Tools Professionals Use for Duct Cleaning


Centralized furnaces and air conditioning systems use a series of ducts to move their air throughout the house. The ducts are hidden in unobtrusive parts of the household, such as the attic and the crawlspace, and release conditioned air through your vents. Over time, dust and debris can build up in your ducts, reducing the flow of air and lowering the indoor air quality in your home. H You may be wondering about the equipment that professionals use for the job. Here’s a brief list of some tools professionals use for duct cleaning in Wesley Chapel.

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  • Rotobrush duct cleaners. These devices essentially act as industrial vacuums, combined with a rapidly rotating brush that first loosens the dust and then pulls it out of the ducts with dizzying speed. Devices like these serve as the staple for duct cleaning services, since they’re quite efficient, and their advanced technology means that duct cleaners can clear out more dust and debris with greater efficiency.
  •  Hand brushes. Hand brushes are useful in some situations to clear dust and build-up neared the vent. These are often the most important locations to clean, since they’re the most likely to be blown directly into your house. Hand brushes can also be used to keep the vent covers clean, as well as the surrounding wall.
  • Plastic covers. It doesn’t sound like much, but companies that care about your home and its furnishings will carefully cover every surface with plastic covers and similar protective measures. It keeps the dust where it needs to be and ensures that nothing is damaged or otherwise affected by the process.

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