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Should You Install a New Generator Before the Next Hurricane Season?


Now that it’s December in Florida, we’ve moved out of the regular hurricane season. It’s always a relief to emerge from hurricane season without any troubles, but you should still give some thought during this quieter time toward making preparations for next June. One of the best ways to keep you and your family ready for a hurricane (as well as other natural disasters) is to install a whole-house generator.

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Ierna’s Heating & Cooling has many years of experience installing generators in Lutz, FL. We know about the problems people can experience with power outages because of extreme weather, and we can find the right sizes whole-house generator that will suit your needs. Call us today.

Installing a new generator is a smart idea

Although your house may escape serious damage during a hurricane, tropical storm, or cyclone, the chances are high during any of these extreme weather conditions that the power will go out and remain out for hours if not days. Even a small thunderstorm can trigger a blackout. This can become very inconvenient and uncomfortable: it means a loss of heating and air conditioning, lights, and power to important appliances such as the refrigerator.

An automatic whole-house generator will switch on the moment your power goes out without you needing to leave your home to activate it. Most generators run on gas power and can last for days supplying you with the amount of power you need to keep your daily necessities working. (When you have a generator put in, the installers will go over with you how much power you need and which appliances are the most important to keep running.)

Act before the weather does!

If you don’t currently have a whole-house generator, we strongly urge you to consider installing one. If you have people in your house who depend on powered medical equipment, you should definitely put generator installation high on your priority list.

Contact Ierna’s Heating & Cooling for help with generators in Lutz, FL. We’ll assist you with installation, as well as deciding if you should replace your older unit.