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Schedule Maintenance Today for Your Light Commercial Heating System


Your light commercial heating system won’t run forever, but it can last well over a decade with the proper maintenance. Here in Tampa, it’s not often that we need to switch into heating mode. Because of this, you may forget that maintenance is vital to the performance of a heater, just as it is with an air conditioner. If it’s been a couple of years or more since your heater has gotten a tune up, there’s certainly a chance that something may go wrong.

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Professional maintenance is the best way to protect your system from damage or from a premature breakdown. If you schedule maintenance today, it’s unlikely that you’ll notice any further repair needs this heating season. Besides, light commercial heating system maintenance may increase the lifespan of your unit and improve efficiency. Standard wear and tear on your commercial system means the parts end up using a lot of energy to run, but a tune up can save you a lot over time.

Can’t I Perform Maintenance On My Own?

Maintenance is not something that just anyone can perform. Professionals simply know the ins and outs of heating systems to better protect and prolong the life of your system. Most heating technicians have years of experience and training, and understand what to look for when inspecting to damage and making minor adjustments. Without the proper skills, you may clean a component using the incorrect procedures or gloss over an important repair need. Always trust heating experts to make sure your system is in top shape before they leave.

During professional maintenance, a technician cleans and adjusts various components of the system and thoroughly inspects each and every part. Even a light commercial heating system may be quite large, and some hidden parts could be in trouble. Your technician will let you know if a component needs repair so that you can schedule service now, before a major problem leads to a breakdown on the day your business needs heating the most.

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