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Ever Had Your Ducts Cleaned? It’s Probably Time

October 22nd, 2018

technician taking off vent to access ductIn our last blog post, we talked about how important AC cleanliness was to its functionality. In this post, we were talking mainly about the coils of the system and how the air filter is in place to protect these areas from debris. But there’s another component of your air conditioner you might not be considering when it comes to cleanliness, and that’s your ductwork.

We don’t blame you for not thinking your air ducts. After all, they’re typically hidden from sight, traversing through spaces between walls and through your attic. Exposed ducts are not typically something you see in residential buildings, and for good reason—it’s just not aesthetically pleasing, right? But in this post, we want to urge you to think about your ducts, and more importantly, why it may be time for you to invest in professional duct cleaning in Tampa.

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Does AC Cleanliness Matter?

October 8th, 2018

technician taking apart AC to serviceThe short answer to this is, “yes.” Your air conditioner simply cannot function as efficiently and effectively as it is meant to if the internal components are dirty. This starts, of course, with changing your air filter.

“But wait,” you might be wondering, “isn’t my air filter there to protect my indoor air quality?”

No, that air filter—which comes standard with your HVAC system upon installation—is in place to protect the inside components of your system from dirt, debris, and other contaminants that can impact AC performance. You should be changing your air filter every 1-3 months during periods of use—the more contaminants in the home the more often it should be changed (for instance, pet dander and cigarette smoke are both considered contaminants).

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Are You Using Your Cooling System As Efficiently As Possible?

September 24th, 2018

Woman feeling hot and trying to refresh in summertime heatThere aren’t many people in the Tampa area who would argue against you that having a fully effective air conditioning system is an absolute must. Not only is this needed to make your home comfortable, but to make it bearable. If your air conditioner doesn’t work the way it’s meant to, however, then you may need repairs, or it could even be time to look into a new Tampa AC installation, depending on how old your unit is.

These are not your only options when it comes to increasing system efficiency, though. You may have a brand new air conditioner that works just fine and has a high-efficiency rating already. That doesn’t mean you can’t improve the efficiency even more, though. And by improving the efficiency, you’re ultimately saving money! So, what’s the trick? Well, there are a few—read on!

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Remodeling a Home? Consider Ductless AC

September 10th, 2018

Closeup view about using some appliance such as air condition.Chances are you’ve heard of ductless mini splits at some time or another. Ductless cooling (and heating) is very popular in Europe and Japan, where central cooling is less common and is now increasing in popularity here in the U.S. If you are considering adding a new air conditioner to your home, whether due to new construction or to replace your existing, aging, air conditioner, then we highly recommend considering a ductless unit.

But is this the right choice for your home and your specific needs? Only a professional can really determine that, so be sure to give us a call if you’re taking this into consideration. In the meantime, we’ve provided some guidelines below on when ductless air conditioning in Tampa may be a great idea!

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Sounds You Never Want to Hear from Your AC

August 27th, 2018

woman-covering-her-ears-on-white-backgroundAs your AC ages and you spend more days with your system running, you might notice new things arising. Hopefully, these new things are good, like an adjustable fan speed that you never noticed before or a temperature preset feature that you glossed over while reading the manual.

If your realization is less pleasant—for instance, the subtle whooshing noise your AC used to make when it was brand new has progressed into a staccato clunking—then this is the list for you. If your AC is making any of these noises, you should call our amazing team at IERNA’s Heating, Cooling & Plumbing for air conditioning repair in Tampa.

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Is It Ever Too Late for AC Maintenance?

August 13th, 2018

technician working on air conditioning systemIf your aging air conditioner has broken down and no repair will get it back up and running, then, yes it probably is too late for AC maintenance. But, unless you’ve never cared for your air conditioner in the 10+ years you’ve had it, that’s very unlikely! That being said, no, it’s not too late for air conditioning maintenance.

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Common Summer AC Repairs to Be Aware of

July 30th, 2018

Downtown Tampa Florida in the afternoonUnfortunately, even though we wish it were true, there is no air conditioner on the market that will perform at 100% efficiency and effectiveness throughout its entire lifespan. Now, you can definitely reduce your chances of needing sudden emergency repairs, and maybe even the most costly of AC repairs, by scheduling routine maintenance. Maintenance should be performed at least once a year for a standard air conditioner and twice a year for heat pump systems.

And when your Tampa, FL air conditioning system does need repair, our team is the one to contact. The sooner you address issues with your air conditioner, the less likely it is that your system will suffer serious problems or damage later on. There is no air conditioner problem that’s small enough to ignore or delay.

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What’s Causing My AC Bills to Rise?

July 16th, 2018

outside ac unit sitting on pile of money, on a white backgroundThe simple answer to this question is, “your air conditioner isn’t working as efficiently as it needs to.” Well, that’s great and all, but what’s causing your cooling system to behave inefficiently? That’s a question we’ll answer below. First, we want to stress that, when it comes to air conditioning services, it’s essential that you hire a pro, particularly for diagnosing a problem to begin with.

Symptoms of an inefficient air conditioner can include things like warm air coming from the vents, reduced airflow, and noises that indicate the AC is struggling to turn on or stay on. But just because you know this, doesn’t mean you can do anything about it, at least, not without the right professional assistance.

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Neighbors In Need Get Help From Local Businesses

July 10th, 2018

At IERNA’s Heating, Cooling & Plumbing, we have a long history of community support and involvement. Since our start in June of 2003, owner/operator Charlene Ierna has made certain to always participate in and support as many local charity drives, K-12 school events, youth sports programs and non-profit fundraising events as possible.

In December of 2017, IERNA’s created the “Neighbor In Need Give-Away”. The contest asked for the community to nominate a person or family who has always selflessly helped others but may be in need of help themselves.

When Charlene mentioned the idea to Jeff Hoffman, President of Florida Carrier Enterprises, (CE is the Tampa Bay area’s distributor of Carrier® and Bryant® Heating & Cooling systems. Notably, IERNA’s is a Bryant® Factory Authorized Dealer), Hoffman wanted to be a part and would assist with the donation of a Bryant® Air Conditioning system. The selected recipient would receive a brand new Bryant® Coastal Air Conditioner including the removal of the old equipment, installation of the new equipment and any permitting fees associated with the install, at no cost to the recipient.

After a panel of six judges reviewed the nearly 50 nominations that included a short backstory on each of the nominees, one family was selected. The selection process was an emotional one: “It was truly a very difficult decision to make. Many of the stories of these selfless people moved judges to tears. We wish we could have given everyone a new Bryant® Heating & Cooling system.”, stated Rob Kress, our Director of Marketing & Public Relations.



On January 17th, we contacted Jason & Cristine Rhodes of Springhill, FL  to let them know they had been nominated for the Neighbor In Need Giveaway contest. Jason was overwhelmed and nearly in tears as he was delivered the news. The family of five had to endure extreme summer temperatures and sometimes-frigid temperatures during winter since their central heating and cooling system had stopped working three years ago.

Jason and Cristine Rhodes are parents of three children; Jase, Jacob, and Sage. Their second born, Jacob, became non-verbal at the age of 18-months and remained until around age 5. As professional music instructors, the Rhodes realized they were able to connect and communicate with Jacob through music and the arts. This realization and the success they saw with their own child moved them to create The Inspire Foundation, a non-profit music, and arts program to help other struggling families with children who are diagnosed with autism. These children are able to enroll in the program at no cost. They spent many years, devoting all of their time, money and efforts to develop a very successful music program which has helped countless families bring joy and education to children who seemed to be falling further back before becoming involved with the Rhodes family’s program. In between the autism music program, both Jason and Christine also teach private music lessons to aspiring musicians to help pay their personal bills. Because, the autism music and arts program is free to struggling families, the Rhodes are constantly raising funds to help ensure the program keeps going. Their passion to help these families has consumed the majority of their time and extra money. They have forgone their own personal needs to make sure they are able to continue to help others.

Jason Rhodes stated, “My wife and family and I are so honored and excited to have been chosen by Charlene, Rob, and the rest of the team at IERNA’s to receive a new air conditioner. This is a huge relief for us and we plan on paying this kind deed forward in many ways. Thank you so much, Team IERNA’s!



Our Service Manager, Rich Register, was sent to the Rhodes home to do an initial evaluation of the existing equipment to make sure the new equipment was sized properly and prepared a complete material list. This exciting moment for this deserving and grateful family, quickly turned into a nightmare scenario.

During the inspection, Rich noticed severe damage to the existing ductwork and the attic looked as if animals had been spending a lot of time in it. Although the A/C Giveaway initially included the air handler, condenser, and thermostat, once Charlene was informed of the terrible condition of the homes existing ductwork, she decided it was necessary to also include the donation of all materials and installation of a completely new duct system.

Since it was apparent that critters had been in the attic, we immediately reached out to our friend Chris Wirt, an animal removal expert and owner/operator of A-All Animal Control of Tampa Bay. Rob Kress explained the situation to Wirt and asked if he could help. Without hesitation, Wirt volunteered to go out to the Rhodes home and donate his time and services. After his evaluation, it was clear that rats and raccoons had found their way into the Rhodes home through a severely damaged roof and soffits. The situation was so severe that before the a/c system could be installed, the roof would need to be inspected and hopefully repaired by a professional roofing company.

Since the roof was a high priority and the Rhodes family didn’t know where to start, Rob immediately got on the phone reaching out to several roofing companies in the Tampa Bay area in hopes of finding a company who could possibly help the Rhodes family. When he contacted Arry’s Roofing Service of Tarpon Springs, he spoke to Vice President/Owner, Matt Housh. Arry’s is also a family owned/operated company who is very involved with their local community and also gives back as much as possible. Notably, Arry’s is also involved in an annual Free Roof Give-Away Program, which is held in the later part of the year. The roof at the Rhodes home was not reparable. A full roof replacement was the only option and was a huge task. Arry’s team worked for 3 days replacing a significant amount of plywood in addition to the roof shingles.

After the new roof was installed, Wirt of A-All Animal Removal returned to seal any other potential areas of intrusion to keep additional animals from entering the residence. He also set humane animal traps to remove any and all critters calling their attic home. Because the animals had been living in the attic for so long, the insulation in the attic was full of animal urine and feces, which is a significant health concern to the Rhodes family and would need to be completely removed and the attic space would then need to be professionally cleaned, disinfected and sanitized before IERNA’s team could the new a/c system and ductwork

Wirt reached out to business owner, Mario Maffeo of Gulfside Insulation whom Wirt has worked closely with over the years. After hearing the story, Mario quickly agreed to donate his services and the materials necessary to help the Rhodes family get their home back in order. Gulfside Insulation has special equipment that allows the safe extraction and disposal of the contaminated insulation in the attic space. Once extraction was complete, Wirt properly sanitized and disinfect the attic space making it safe for IERNA’s technicians to work in the space during the A/C replacement as well as for the Rhodes family’s well being.

Charlene Ierna stated, “We are so proud to be a part of such an amazing community of people and local businesses. We cannot thank A-Animal Control, Arry’s Roofing Services and Gulfside Insulation for their kindness, generosity, and willingness to be part of something that means so much to a family who lives to help others.”

It took a lot longer than expected, however, today the Rhodes family is enjoying the comfort of their new Bryant® Heating & Cooling system in a dry, critter-free home, just in time for another sweltering Florida summer.


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Repairs vs. Replacement: Troubleshooting Your AC Needs

July 2nd, 2018

technician working on air conditioning systemIt goes without saying that your air conditioner gets heavy use over the course of the year. If you aren’t already doing so, soon you’ll begin keeping your AC system on consistently to keep your home comfortable this summer season. The last thing you need, then, is a sudden air conditioner breakdown or need for air conditioning repair in New Port Richey, just when summer hits its peak temperatures.

First off, this is why investing in routine maintenance is so important. But even with maintenance, other factors can play a role—such as the age of your air conditioner. The good news in all of this is that most repair needs exhibit clear signs and symptoms before they force your air conditioner to break down entirely. But how do you know the difference between an air conditioner that needs repair, and one that needs replacement?

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