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Before You Buy Your Next Cooling System, Consider This

Before You Buy Your Next Cooling System, Consider This

With summer officially here (and really, did it ever leave?) it’s imperative that you make sure your air conditioning system is fully equipped to handle the excessive heat we get in our little piece of the country.

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Of course, if you have an aging cooling system, that might mean it’s time to invest in a replacement. If that’s the case, your natural instinct is probably to assume “the bigger, the better” right?

This isn’t actually such a good idea. When it comes to your cooling system, size does matter, but in the sense that too large of a system can be just as detrimental to your home comfort as too small of a system. When the time comes to purchase a new AC system, be sure to work with pros who will help you find the system that’s the perfect match for your living space.

Why Are Oversized Units Bad?

You may think that the larger the air conditioner is, the more capable it is of keeping your home cool. Well, it may cool a portion of your home more quickly, but it will work very inefficiently.

This is because the optimal AC efficiency happens through continued operation and longer cycles. When your air conditioner is too big, the desired temperature on your thermostat will be reached before your system has had a chance to complete a full cooling cycle—this process is known as short-cycling.

Short-cycling may not sound ominous, but we assure you that it is certainly a problem for HVAC systems. It not only causes your system to perform inefficiently, but it puts a lot of strain on the system, leading to an increased need for air conditioning repairs. If short-cycling is caused by too large of a system, then the only way to “repair” it is by replacing the system. This is why it’s vital that you work with an AC installation expert right off the bat when buying a new unit.

Short-Cycling Can be Caused by Other Issues

It’s important to note here that an oversized air conditioner is not the only reason a system will short-cycle. If you notice short-cycling right after the system is installed, then the size is the reason. But if the problem presents itself months or even years later, then you’re dealing with something else entirely. The best thing you can do is give our staff a call so we can do an inspection and see what the deal is.

The Problem with Undersized AC Systems

As you can probably guess, an undersized air conditioning unit won’t be able to keep up with your home’s cooling demands, forcing the system to work much harder than it normally would have to. When your system has to work that hard, you can expect a rise in your energy costs.

In addition, an undersized unit won’t be able to keep your home as comfortable as you’d like, and during the hottest of summer days this can—understandably—be problematic.

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