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Duct Cleaning Tip: Most Common Contaminants That We Find In Ductwork


Do you notice dust coming out of your ductwork? Or do you smell a bad odor when you turn on your heating or cooling system? Your ducts circulate the hot and cold air throughout your house. They have to be clean and in good working condition to deliver quality air to your home. Unfortunately, contamination build-up in ductwork is all too common. Ierna’s Heating & Cooling offers complete duct cleaning in Tampa, FL. Here are a few of the most common contaminants that we find in our customers’ ducts.

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Ductwork Contaminants in Tampa, FL

If you think your ductwork may be contaminated, it’s important to call for professional duct cleaning in Tampa, FL. Here are some of the most common contaminants that we find in ductwork:

  • Pests. Much more than just a contaminant, insects and rodents can seriously damage your ducts by building obstructive nests and penetrating the ductwork. If you have recently had a pest control company remove unwanted insects and rodent from your home, make sure you also schedule a duct cleaning with us.
  • Dust. There is some controversy about whether dust can be harmful to your health or not, but it certainly can irritate your allergies and pose problems for homeowners with asthma or other respiratory issues. Moreover, excessive dust build-up in ducts can accumulate and even the slightest amounts can significantly impact the energy-efficiency of your cooling and heating systems.
  • Fiberglass. Fiberglass insulation is common in homes throughout America and it often runs close to ductwork. Fiberglass particles can enter loose ductwork and is an acknowledged respiratory irritant. If you think you might have fiberglass or other construction materials in your ductwork, call a duct cleaner today.

Ierna’s Heating & Cooling is committed to the health of our customers and the energy-efficiency of their homes. If your ducts are contaminated, we can help. We offer comprehensive duct cleaning in Tampa, FL with the latest technology, including the Rotobrush system.