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Humidity Problems and Air Conditioning in Trinity, FL


The weather here can reach amazing levels of heat and humidity, even outside the summer months. Air conditioners are necessary to make us comfortable in these warm and wet surroundings. But all the extra water in the air can cause trouble for your air conditioner in Trinity which goes beyond standard wear and tear.

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Without proper maintenance of your AC, the humidity can create any or all of these issues:

  • Duct corrosion: Excessive moisture can wreak havoc with the insides of your air ducts, generating destructive corrosion and rust. Corroded ducts are easily subject to breaks, and this triggers many problems: hot air pulled from other parts of the house, a drop in energy efficiency, and extra stress on the air conditioner’s motors as it struggles to maintain the lower temperature you want. An expert will need to repair your ducts properly so these issues don’t continue.
  • Mold growth: A serious problem many people don’t realize can occur with their air conditioners is the growth of microbacteria inside the ductwork. If mold develops, it can reduce the air quality and disrupt the components on your AC, such as the coils. You might see a spike in your electricity bills, and the air conditioner won’t have the lifespan you expect of it. To prevent this issue from developing, call a technician to do UV germicidal light installation. These lights destroy the cells of mold and other pollutants, as well as discourage their growth.

While your AC naturally dehumidifies as it cools, you might want to think about installing a whole home dehumidifier. Not only do these devices remove the moisture from the air more efficiently, but they also do it more effectively, keeping the air in your home at the humidity level that feels comfortable to you and preventing many of these problems.

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