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How to Change Your AC and/or Furnace Filters


For the most part, you’ll need to enlist the services of a skilled professional to have your HVAC system maintained. However, there is one crucial task that you should be completing on your own, as it cannot wait for your annual maintenance appointment: changing your air filter(s). Depending upon the type of system that you use, whether it is used for heating or cooling only, or both, and the design of the system, there may be more than one air filter to change. Consider the following information, and remember that this relatively simple procedure can do a world of good for your home comfort system. 

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Finding the Filter(s)

As stated above, there may be more than one filter in your HVAC system. There should certainly be one near the air handler of the system, so that is a good place to check first. However, you may also have filters throughout the duct system, at registers and vents. If so, it is advisable to replace or clean these as frequently as you do a main filter. If you are uncertain of where your filter is, or if there is more than one in the system, be sure to refer to your system’s user’s manual. Should you still have any questions, as your maintenance technician.

Use the Right Filter

It is important that you use the right filter for your particular HVAC system, which is why it is so important to refer to the literature pertaining to your specific make and model. You don’t want to create too much airflow resistance for your system to handle comfortably, but you also want to be sure that your filter is of a high enough MERV (minimum efficiency reporting value) for filtering the air sufficiently.

Face It the Right Way

It may sound like an obvious precaution, but it is important that the air filter in your HVAC system is facing the right way. If not, it is obviously not going to function properly. There should be arrows or colored indicators providing you with a clear idea of which way to face your air filter. Pay careful attention, and enjoy a great performance from your HVAC system.

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