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How Leaky Ductwork Can Further Damage Your Furnace in Tampa


Furnaces use the principle of forced air to provide you with heat. After raising the temperature of the air inside their cabinets (either through gas jets or electric heating elements), they distribute hot air throughout your home via ducwork.

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Ducts are an important step in this process. Should the ducts develop air leaks along their length, it can cause serious problems for your furnace. If you become aware of duct breaks, you should schedule furnace repair in Tampa, FL immediately. A leaky duct can cause damage to your furnace, leading to problems with your heating and potentially a drop in your air quality.

Look to Ierna’s Heating & Cooling to take care of your furnace when you have leaky ducts. We are NATE and EPA-certified and will deliver you quality repairs.

Damages from leaky ductwork

The major problem your furnace can suffer because of leaks in ducts is dust. Breaks in ducts often open onto closed areas of a home with little ventilation, such as between walls and in the attic, where dust gathers. This will enter the ductwork and soon start to clog up the furnace filter. The filter is what protects the internal components from damage from external debris, but once it becomes clogged it will become less effective.

Ductwork leaks also cause a loss of pressure, and this means a loss of heat. This will cause the furnace to need to work harder to reach its normal temperature—leading to your system aging rapidly. The increase of dust will also contribute to the problem, because it restricts air flow due to the congestion in the ductwork and resistance along the dust-covered duct walls. Your furnace’s motors, fan belts, and other moving parts will wear down quickly because of the overwork, and eventually lead to the need for premature repairs and eventually replacement.

Repair the furnace—and fix those ducts!

When you need furnace repair because of leaky ducts, you will also need to have the ducts fixed and cleaned. Call up Ierna’s Heating & Cooling to have both done. We have duct cleaning and sealing specialists who can restore your ducts to their best working order. And our heating repair specialists will make sure that your furnace is cleaned and repaired so it will keep giving you the warm air you need. Call us today for duct cleaning, sealing, and furnace repair in Tampa, FL.