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How do Zone Air Conditioning Systems Work?


Traditional air conditioning systems usually provide a single set temperature for the entire house. You set your thermostat to a given temperature, which will be the same in the bedroom as it is in the kitchen. But that doesn’t always work for every household. For instance, what if you’re working over a hot stove in the kitchen while your spouse wants to read or watch television in the (much cooler) bedroom? That’s where zone air conditioning comes it. It allows you to set different temperatures in different parts of the house, or even turn off the air conditioning in parts of the house you aren’t using. Zone air conditioning in Tampa makes a lot of sense, especially in larger houses, but how do zone air conditioning systems work?

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Intro to Zone Air Conditioning Systems

If you have a centralized system, with a series of ducts extending from a single larger air conditioner, then the zone system entails a series of valves and shutters placed inside the ducts themselves. They divide your house into separate zones, usually separated by room, but sometimes by more generalized areas of the household. The valves are controlled by specific thermostats, allowing you to adjust the temperature in each section as you wish. These kinds of systems are usually applied as “upgrades” to existing centralized systems.

The other type of zone control system is also known as a ductless mini-split system. This occurs in homes without a centralized air conditioner. A series of individual air conditioning units is placed within each section, designed to carry a much smaller power load than a centralized system. They function the same way as the valves described above do, and are usually installed in homes which lack the capacity to support a system of ducts.

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