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Help, I Have No Hot Water!


Can you imagine a life without running hot water? This is something that many homeowners take for granted, although depend on regularly each and every day. Hot water coming through the taps with only the turn of a handle may seem normal to us, but it’s actually a luxury: one that we’d all have a hard time going without!

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If your hot water heater malfunctions, however, you will be without this daily benefit. You don’t want to turn on your shower one morning to be hit with a rude awakening. If you do though, you’ll need trained water heater specialists—such as the members of our staff—to diagnose the problem and repair it promptly. What could be causing your lack of hot water though? Keep reading to learn more.

Why Am I Lacking Hot Water?

Failed Heating Elements: Do you have an electric water heater? If the heating elements inside your tank have failed then you will notice a loss of warm water. A drop in heating in this type of system typically means that at least one of the elements has burnt out. If they both fail you’ll have nothing but cold water left. These elements may also lose power due to a tripped circuit breaker, so be sure to check your electrical panel.

Burner or Pilot Failure: If you are using a gas-powered water heater, the burner unit below your water heater tank contains gas jets that ignite to transfer heat to the water in the tank. If this burner accumulates too much dirt or corrosion, then it will struggle to draw in oxygen to ignite. Eventually, the jets will fail to come on and the water in your tank won’t heat up.

Faulty Gas Control Valve: If your gas control valve malfunctions, then the gas supply to your burner will be cut off. As a result, no heat will be generated. If you notice this problem or any of the issues mentioned above, be sure to call our professionals for prompt inspection and repairs. Doing so will not only ensure your home comfort, but can also help keep you safe.

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