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Heating Question: When is the Best Time for Furnace Maintenance?


In order to keep your furnace working correctly it requires regular maintenance. But when is the best time to perform that maintenance? Is there a better time of year to perform maintenance on your furnace than another? We’ve put together our thoughts on this issue to give you a good starting place as you decide when you want to schedule maintenance on your Tampa heating system.

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Spring Cleaning

Most contractors recommend getting your heating system serviced in the spring.  Spring is typically when you stop using your heating and begin to use your air conditioning. After a season of use, your heating system has probably developed some issues that can be immediately addressed before it goes out of use. Spring is also the off-season for heating companies so you can probably get a better deal on the service.

Late Fall Furnace Maintenance

One of the advantages of getting your furnace serviced is that you can fix any outstanding issues that are leftover from the previous winter. This can help make sure that your furnace runs efficiently for the upcoming Florida winter. It get pretty chilly!

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