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Have You Changed Your Air Filter?

Have You Changed Your Air Filter?

We are winding up to enjoy summer. Everyone is making plans for beach days, BBQs, and late nights spent enjoying the warm weather. With all that planning though it is important that you make sure to plan for the well-being of your AC system too. While the warm weather may be enjoyable most of the time, you’ll want to make sure that your AC is ready to perform when you need a break from the heat.

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Taking care of your air conditioning in Tampa is vital to your comfort since the care this system gets can define how reliably it works for you throughout the summer. One of the easiest ways to help your AC out this summer is to keep your air filter clean and clear.

The Importance of a Clean Filter For Your AC

The filter is going to serve as a layer of protection for your air conditioner, rather than helping your indoor air quality. While this filter certainly doesn’t harm your air quality, its key purpose is to keep dust and debris out of your air conditioner (and heater in the winter).

We advise trying to keep your AC filter as clean as possible by changing it regularly. This will prevent it from collecting too much dust which will lead to negative outcomes such as reduced airflow into your AC.

The Negative Impact of a Dirty Air Filter

Air filters are made to capture dust and debris but this doesn’t mean you should let them become overly coated in these airborne particles. Keeping an overly dirty air filter in place is going to create problems for your air conditioner and you, including:

  • Reduce airflow into the system
  • Increased risk of a frozen evaporator coil
  • Reduced cooling for your home
  • Higher energy bills
  • Increased stress on the AC system

While an air filter may not seem abundantly important, leaving a bad filter in place will increase the risk of repair needs and can even contribute to the need for an early replacement.

Handling Filter Changes

If you haven’t made a  filter change yet, it is a good idea to start making a habit of getting this done.

HVAC system filter changes should be a regular thing that you take care of. We advise changing your system filter every one to three months. The need for more frequent filter changes can vary based on the use of your system and your overall indoor air quality.

If you haven’t done a filter change for your AC system before, now is a great time to get the task done. If you aren’t comfortable with doing this yourself or you aren’t sure how, you can come to our team for help. Our team includes a filter change with a maintenance appointment. You can ask your technician to show you how to get this done so you can continue performing filter changes yourself (you want more than two a year).

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