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Frequent Plumbing Issues You Can Avoid

Frequent Plumbing Issues You Can Avoid

It goes without saying that plumbing problems can cause considerable damage to your home, as well as your water bills. Even the tiniest leak can add up to significant water loss. In fact, you could lose gallons of unused water over the course of a year from just one “little” leak. Fortunately, if you do have any type of plumbing problem, you can rely on a professional Tampa, FL plumber from our team to resolve it for you.

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Understandably though, we figure you would like to try to avoid plumbing issues altogether, especially those which warrant an emergency service call. We’ve provided a few examples of our most frequent plumbing emergency calls below, along with some tips to help you avoid them.

Kitchen Sink Clogged with FOG

FOG, which stands for fats, oils, and grease, is one of the biggest threats that exist where your kitchen plumbing is concerned. FOG hardens and congeals as it cools, meaning it sticks to the inside of your plumbing pipes. The best way to prevent this from occurring is to let the FOG cool in a tin can or some other type of disposable container, throwing it away after it cools.

Toilet Won’t Flush or Refill

Have you ever had a full trash can, and been tempted to put something down the toilet instead, that doesn’t necessarily belong? Examples include paper towels used for cleaning, makeup removing wipes, and even food.

These are foreign objects as far as your toilet is concerned, and can certainly cause blockages that will have you calling for repairs ASAP. Even wipes and other products marketed as “flushable” have a hard time breaking down, and can clog up your toilet if too many pile up.

Damage to Exposed Pipes in Your Basement

Do you have exposed pipes in your basement or anywhere else overhead? If so, maybe you’ve hung clothes on them while you’re doing laundry, or hung other items on them while doing small tasks around the home. This might seem harmless, but, unfortunately, this could very well lead to broken and damaged plumbing pipes.

Additional Plumbing Troubles

The above-mentioned issues are just a few of the common repair calls our team gets. Other common plumbing issues include garbage disposal breakdowns due to cramming food down the kitchen sink that doesn’t belong (fibrous vegetables, excessive potato skins), and using the wrong kind of hookups for your washing machine, leading to an overflow problem.

There are also those instances we get calls for that do not warrant an emergency visit, necessarily, but still shouldn’t be ignored. For instance, maybe your pipes are knocking, which is caused by variable water pressure in the main supply pipes. Or maybe you have a stubborn faucet drip that you cannot fix on your own and need professional assistance. Neglecting these issues can lead to inefficient water use and higher-than-necessary utility bills for your household.

We handle any and all plumbing issues, so whatever your needs are—whether an emergency or not—we are the team to call. Contact IERNA’s Heating & Cooling today!