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Air Conditioning Repair Tip: Why Your Fan Won’t Blow


Are you having difficulty keeping your home comfortable this cooling season? If so, then there might be a problem with your fan. There are actually two fans in your system, one inside and one outside and both play critical roles in the operation of your air conditioner. You simply can’t expect energy efficiency and performance without them. But when something goes wrong with your AC, you shouldn’t immediately begin tinkering around inside the units. It’s important to understand that the majority of routine maintenance as well as all repairs should be carried out by a professional technician. We’re going to discuss a little bit about why your fan won’t blow in today’s post. Call Ierna’s Heating & Cooling today if you’re in need of Tampa, FL air conditioning repair services.

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As already mentioned, there are two fans in your AC system, an outdoor exhaust fan that works in concert with your condenser coils and compressor to dissipate the thermal energy drawn from your home. The second fan is even more critical, and is usually the one meant when someone claims that his or her fan won’t blow. This is the indoor blower that is part of the air handler. It is responsible for distributing cool air throughout your ductwork. If it breaks down, then cool air simply won’t be able to reach your interior living space.

There are various reasons why your fan won’t blow. For one, there might be a mechanical problem. Your blower motor has moving parts and requires lubrication to alleviate the stress and strain caused by friction and heat. But if its bearings dry out, it may stop working entirely. There may also be an electrical malfunction in the system. As you well know, your AC requires a steady stream of electricity to its various components, but if this supply line is damaged in some way, then it may simply not turn on at all.

These are just two reasons why your fan won’t blow. But air conditioning systems are complex, so it’s important that any repairs be taken care of by a professional. Call Ierna’s Heating & Cooling today for comprehensive Tampa, FL air conditioning repair.