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How Does Ductwork Affect Air Conditioner Performance?

How Does Ductwork Affect Air Conditioner Performance?

The better question may be, how does it benefit air conditioner performance?

Many homeowners don’t know this, but the excessive buildup of dirt and debris in the average home’s ductwork can interfere with the overall performance of both air conditioning and heating systems. And with your ducts hidden from view, you probably don’t think about them very much, if at all. When you invest in a thorough duct cleaning in Tampa from trained and experienced professionals, you can count on better HVAC performance overall.

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Helping Your HVAC Equipment Work Better

The most efficient central air conditioners and heating systems cool, or heat, the air and then blow it back into the rooms of your home through the most direct use—your air ducts. So if those ducts are dirty, friction slows down the flow of air.

If your ductwork is dirty enough, you’ll end up paying more for heating and air conditioning than is actually necessary. Worse than that, chances are that your ductwork could have breaches or poor connections throughout, if they haven’t been checked on in a long time. You would do well to hire a pro to assess the condition of your ductwork, to see how its condition can help, or is currently hindering, your HVAC performance.

Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

The main reason people schedule professional air duct cleaning is to improve indoor air quality. Yes, your HVAC systems have an air filter, but that air filter is actually there to protect the inside components of the HVAC system, not your indoor air quality. You might also have extra indoor air quality equipment, and that is great—but this equipment is typically placed at the return duct, where air first enters the system—leaving the rest of your ductwork mostly unprotected.

Dirt and debris can include allergens, irritants, and even germs. This can get into your ductwork through cracks in the ductwork, from the vents, or from years of being untouched. Professional duct cleaning requires a trained technician to completely suck out this debris, meaning that allergens and germs will be less likely to re-infiltrate your home.

Beware of Duct Cleaning Scams!

If you’ve ever been told that duct cleaning is a scam and something you don’t actually need, this is only half true. Duct cleaning is not something that is needed every year. Duct cleaning is also something you should only trust to a reputable professional.

There are, unfortunately, dishonest “handymen” type companies that will charge you for duct cleaning, but not actually effectively and thoroughly clean the ducts, and will almost certainly not check for any other ductwork damage you should be alerted to.

So while duct cleaning and other ductwork services should never be just blindly written off as “a scam,” it is important to trust who you’re working with, and only partner with a highly trained, experienced, and licensed contractor.

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