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Ductless AC Guide: Common Ductless Mini Split Repairs


Ductless mini split systems are a great option for many homeowners in the Land O’ Lakes area. They provide tremendous efficiency and very comfortable cooling and heating. But like all things, they eventually need to be repaired. If you’ve started to have problems with your ductless mini split system, call your local Land O’ Lakes air conditioning contractor. Ductless mini split repairs should always be done by a professional. At Ierna’s Heating and Cooling, we’ve responded to countless calls for air conditioning repairs. Here are some of the most common ductless mini split repairs that we see.

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How Ductless Mini Split Systems Work

In order to watch out for problems, knowing a little bit about how ductless mini split systems work is helpful. Ductless mini split systems use individual room units and an outdoor compressor to heat and cool your home. The compressor is connected to each of the individual room units by a series of tubes that carry refrigerant. The refrigerant absorbs heat and moves it around. In cooling mode, heat is removed from your home and exhausted outside. In heating mode, heat from the outside is moved into your home.

Not Enough Cooling

If your ductless mini split system isn’t providing enough cooling for your home, there are a number of things that could be causing it. It could be that you don’t have enough refrigerant in your lines. This would reduce the ability of the system to move heat out of your home.

Insufficient cooling could also be caused by problems with your fan. The fan in your outdoor compressor is responsible for moving air over a series of refrigerant coils. In cooling mode, the air from the fan pulls heat out of the refrigerant. If your fan belt is old or if the motor is worn out you may not have enough air flow to cool your home.

Condensate Leaks

Another common problem is condensation leaks. During its natural process, your ductless mini split system will produce condensation. Normally, the condensation drips into a pan and drains away through designated lines. If those lines or the pan get clogged it can cause water leaks.

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