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Duct Cleaning FAQ: Everything You Want to Know


While many people likely don’t give the cleanliness of their ductwork much thought, it’s actually a pretty important subject. Ductwork that has been affected by mold, dust, and other pollutants can severely impact your indoor air quality and thus, your health.

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So while it’s not a process that you need to undergo as often as routine air conditioning maintenance, duct cleaning is an important aspect to caring for your HVAC system. We’ve compiled some of the most commonly asked questions about duct cleaning below, along with our answers.

How Does Mold Growth Occur in Ductwork?

Mold requires few things to develop and grow: a dark, cool environment, a food source, and moisture. Dust and dirt in the air provide the food source, while humidity in the air creates moisture. Add the fairly consistent temperature inside your ductwork, and you’ve provided the ideal breeding ground for this microorganism.

Does Dirty Ductwork Cost Me Money?

This depends on where contaminants are located. If they’ve reached your fan blades, evaporator coil, or other important components of your HVAC system, then it may have to run longer to cool your living space, wasting a lot of energy, and thus wasting your money.

What Are Some Air Duct Contamination Sources?

We’ve mentioned dust and mold, but that’s not all that can contaminate your ductwork. Other particles include dust, chemicals, pollen, and insects: basically anything that was in the outdoor air can be pulled into your air system. Other forms of indoor air pollution include cooking smoke, insect spray, and personal care products such as hairspray.

How Often Do I Need My Ducts Cleaned?

As we mentioned above, this process does not need to be done as frequently as air conditioning maintenance. However, you should consider having it done every 3 years or so, as long as your system is otherwise properly maintained. It will also help your indoor air quality to have a HEPA (High Energy Performance Arrestance) filter installed.

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