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Don’t Let Late Season AC Needs Haunt You

Don’t Let Late Season AC Needs Haunt You

The wonderful weather that we enjoy in Wesley Chapel gives us the benefit of enjoying a lot of outdoor activities. But when you aren’t playing in a pool or going for a stroll, you likely want to be able to relax inside an evenly cooled home. If your home air conditioning system is on the fritz, this desire can seem more like a curse because the cool air you want has disappeared or it is taunting you in brief spurts like a mischievous spirit.

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Don’t let your air conditioner’s repair needs haunt you! Your system has likely had a long and hard summer and, while it isn’t dead, it may feel like a ghost of its former self. If this is the case, it is time to call for air conditioning repair in Wesley Chapel to get your system back to normal.

If you aren’t sure what the signs are that you have some late season air conditioning repair needs, don’t worry. We have the information you need to decipher what your AC is trying to tell you, no Ouija board necessary.

A Few Signs That You Need AC Repair

So, you are wondering what the signs are that you need to schedule repair services for your air conditioner.

No Cold Air

You turn on your cooler and wait for hours but to no avail; there is no cool air to speak of coming through the vents. Rather than walking through cold spots in your home you are being haunted by an overly warm house. If this sounds like you, it can indicate you have a refrigerant leak, problems with your condenser or issues with your system’s fans.

Strange Noises

Whether it is screeching, banging, rattling or hissing, we promise that these noises can all be explained and, if addressed in time, they can also be fixed. Some noises, such as banging, can indicate an improperly sized unit, while others, like the sound of rattling, can be a sign of loose parts or debris in the system. If you hear anything other than the soft whoosh of air coming from your cooler, it is time to call a professional.


Does it seem like your air conditioner has developed a mind of its own and decided it doesn’t want to run as long as it used to? Don’t worry, you system hasn’t become sentient, but it is short-cycling. This means that there is something hindering its ability to complete a full cooling cycle. If left unattended, this problem can harm your system and cost you a lot of cash.

High Energy Bills

If your latest utility bill made your blood run cold, you need to call in a trained technician. Why? Because a high energy bill that has seemingly no cause is actually a sign that something is wrong with your air conditioner. It could be as simple as a dirty filter or as serious as a refrigerant leak. Either way, the sooner you make the call, the better.

Repair Service When You Need It

We can promise that if you notice any of the symptoms listed above, it is never too late in the year to get them taken care of. Late season repairs are always better than none because ignoring the issue can lead to you needing a replacement. The team at IERNA’s Heating & Cooling is here to help with your AC repair needs. We even provide emergency repair services for when your air conditioner is keeping you up at night like a spooky movie.

Contact us to schedule your repair service today or to learn more about the benefits of our maintenance plan and how it can help save you from a breakdown.