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Does a Bad Compressor Mean You Need AC Replacement?

Does a Bad Compressor Mean You Need AC Replacement?

There is more than one part in your air conditioner that you can’t do without. Otherwise what you really have is an overly pricey central fan.

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One highly important part of your air conditioning in Lutz, FL is the compressor. The question you may face if this component goes bad is whether you need a repair or a full system replacement. This can seem like a pretty difficult situation of “either/or.” However, this does tend to be the choice that people will have to make.

Thankfully, you don’t have to guess what the right answer is. Our team is here to help with diagnosing the core issue and its severity so we can help you figure out the best solution.

To start, what is a compressor?

The compressor of your air conditioner sits in the outdoor unit of the system. The role of this component is to pressurize heated refrigerant to release heat, returning it to liquid form, and then send it back through the system to be evaporated and help cool the home.

The compressor is necessary to help with the release of heat for one, and for pressurizing the refrigerant enough to send it back into your home again.

How to tell that your compressor is failing

Wear and tear over time can take its toll on every part of your air conditioner, the compressor included. If your compressor starts to run into trouble, you may notice warning signs like:

  • Your AC is starting to short cycle: Your air conditioner turns on and only runs for a few minutes before shutting back down again.
  • A severe reduction in the cooling from your AC: Problems with a compressor can mean that the necessary amount of refrigerant doesn’t make it into your home, reducing the cooling capacity of the system.
  • The system is making clattering or screeching noises: A compressor that is failing can emit these concerning sounds.
  • Turning on the air conditioner leads a circuit breaker to trip: If your compressor starts to fail it can put your AC at risk of overheating, leading to a tripped circuit.

Your options if your compressor fails

If you are noticing the warning signs that your compressor is failing, you will have to figure out if you need a repair or replacement of this component.

If your air conditioner is still pretty “young,” meaning that it is under 8 years old, then it may still be under warranty. If this is the case, a compressor repair is a good option because it can be covered under that warranty.

On the other hand, a system replacement may be better if your AC is aging and is encountering other problems. It is likely better off being replaced entirely as this will save you money on repair needs and energy usage as well.

Whichever situation you are in, you can count on our team to help. We can assess the condition of your system to figure out which route is the best option for your home comfort and your budget.

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