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Do You Have an Air Conditioning Emergency?


Given the recent storm damage suffered by residents of Hillsborough County, it comes as no surprise that many people may have air conditioning systems that were negatively impacted. Living in Florida, you are well aware that when your AC system stops running, it’s a big deal. But what if it’s just showing a few odd symptoms? Should you be worried?

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The short answer is, yes, particularly after a severe weather event such as the one we recently experienced. If you want your air conditioning system to continue to function effectively through the rest of our cooling season, and for years to come, then you should always schedule AC repairs at the first sign of an issue, but what truly constitutes as an emergency? Keep reading to learn more.

Concerning Noises

One of the worst sounds you can hear come from your AC system is a screeching noise. This is typically indicative of either a loose fan belt—which is not too serious—or the sign of a compressor that’s working at too high a level of pressure—which is considerably more severe of a problem.

Diagnosing why your system is making odd noises is something that should only be done by a professional. Also, screeching is not the only concerning noise your AC can make. You could hear a banging sound, hissing noise, or humming noise—all signs that something is wrong and needs repair.

Burning Smell or Other Foul Odors

If you smell something burning, be sure to shut off your air conditioner as quickly as possible. This is most likely the sign of an electrical problem, which is not something you ever want to ignore. If you have a gas-powered system, you also want to be aware of a “rotten egg” smell which indicates a potential gas leak and is also very serious.

Loss of Air Flow or Cooling Power

Have you noticed the absence of air flow, or diminished air flow from your system? Or maybe you feel plenty of air, but it’s not cold? You may have a refrigerant leak or any number of other issues. Be sure that your thermostat is set to the correct temperature, first. If it is and there’s no other apparent cause for the loss of cooling power, then this likely constitutes as an AC emergency you should call in for right away.

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