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Dirty Ductwork Damages Your Home Comfort

Dirty Ductwork Damages Your Home Comfort

We all work hard to keep furniture and other surfaces around the house clean of dust. It is understood that a little less dust in the house is going to keep things a lot more comfortable. But what about the build-up of dust that is in your home but out of your line of sight? We aren’t talking about the dust under a table or couch, we are actually discussing the debris in your ductwork.

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Believe it or not, the ducts that are tucked away in your walls, ceiling, or crawlspace can start to collect airborne dust over time that can impact your home comfort levels. Let’s take a look at the negative effects dirty ductwork can have on your comfort and how to get the issue resolved.

“Wait, How Do My Ducts Get Dirty?”

Some people might not realize that their ducts can become filled with dirt, dust, and other airborne debris over time. This is because it takes a while to collect. However, once that build-up does start to collect it is going to harm your indoor air quality and your ability to keep cool this summer.

So, how can your ductwork get dirty? While your system does have an air filter that captures most dust and debris before it gets into your air conditioner, there are still some particles that are going to sneak in and end up in your ductwork. There may also be a risk of debris getting into your ducts from small holes and breaks allowing for air leaks.

The Impact of Dirt in Your Ducts

Airborne debris in your ductwork might not seem like it can be that impactful on your home, but it really can harm your ability to feel comfortable in your home. Here are the three biggest ways that you’ll notice the effect of dusty build-up in your ducts:

  • Aggravated allergies and respiratory problems: When there is a build-up of airborne debris in your ductwork it means that it will be blown into your home anytime you turn on your air conditioner. Debris such as dirt, dust, or fur that are blown into your home are going to be seriously aggravating to someone with allergies or other respiratory conditions.
  • Reduced cooling airflow: Even if there is a little bit of dusty build-up in your ductwork it can hinder the airflow that is going into your home. If you notice that the air from your vents is a little weaker than normal, it takes longer to cool your home down, or there is dust coming out of your vents, it is likely that your ducts need to be cleaned.
  • The air in your home is irritating to the skin: Have you noticed that your skin is feeling a little drier than normal? Or perhaps that your skin has been a little itchier than usual. These are indicators that there is airborne debris in your home that is impacting your indoor air quality.

Fixing the Issue

If you have dirty ductwork, your best way to fix the issue is to schedule a professional duct cleaning in Wesley Chapel with our team. We will help you boost your indoor air quality back to where it needs to be.

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