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Common Compressor Problems in Your Air Conditioner


The compressor is one of the vital components in an air conditioner: it works as the “heart” of the system, applying energy to the refrigerant and then propelling it through the coils to carry out heat exchange. Without a working compressor, an air conditioner will not produce any cooling at all.

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When air conditioners begin to experience operating trouble, the compressor is one of the prime suspects that repair technicians investigate. Many common AC issues will stem from problems in the compressor or its motor. You cannot handle fixing compressor malfunctions unless you are a trained HVAC technician, so rely on expert assistance.

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Compressor problems that can affect an AC

  • Bad pressurization: The compressor works through pump action—suction and discharge—to draw liquid refrigerant inside and then compress it into a high temperature gas. However, the suction pressure or the discharge pressure can become too high or too low because of improper mechanical motion. If this happens, the pressure throughout the unit will not be at its ideal level, and this will result in a drop in cooling power.
  • Failed compressor motor: A motor runs the mechanical action of the compressor, and if it fails, the compressor will not work. In most cases, a compressor motor that stops working has a failed start capacitor, a cylindrical component responsible for sending electrical voltage to the motor to begin operation. Repair technicians can replace the capacitor. If the motor itself has burned out, it will need replacement.
  • Overheated compressor: This could come from problems with wiring, or it may be a fault in the compressor motor. Whatever the cause, overheating will soon cause the compressor to stop working.
  • Locked compressor: A compressor that is too worn down from years of operation or lack of maintenance can become locked in place. Sometimes replacement of the compressor will fix this, but if the air conditioner is near or beyond its estimated service lifespan, a fixed compressor is often a sign that the whole air conditioner must be replaced.

Before calling for professionals for assistance with a misbehaving air conditioner, make sure to check that no circuit breakers have tripped and that you have set the thermostat correctly. Once you rule out these simple sources for the problem, call for professionals. Compressor problems must have repair work from experienced HVAC technicians.

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