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Common Air Conditioning Repairs: Why is My System Leaking Refrigerant?


When you live in as hot a climate as Tampa, FL, any problem with your air conditioning system is a serious problem. At the first sign of trouble with your air conditioning system, contact the Tampa, FL air conditioning repair professionals at Ierna’s Heating and Cooling.  Our team has the tools, training and technical ability to ensure that any issues with the operation of your air conditioning system are resolved quickly and effectively to minimize any disruption to your comfort. One common problem that we encounter is a refrigerant leak. Here are a few potential causes of a refrigerant leak in your AC system.

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There are a lot of joints and connection points in an air conditioning system. As your system operates, even when it is properly installed and secured, it is going to vibrate a bit. During years of operation it is possible for these vibrations to cause the connections in your system to loosen up a bit. If the connections through which your refrigerant flows become loose enough, it is possible for refrigerant leaks to develop. By allowing a professional AC technician to thoroughly inspect and tune-up your system, you can help to avoid such problems.

It is also very possible for the copper tubing that generally houses the refrigerant to suffer some corrosion over time. When this happens, it is possible for refrigerant leaks to develop along the tubing. This is more problematic than loose fittings, as it is an active leak that will require repair work or the replacement of the tubing altogether. Only a skilled professional should be allowed to complete such services.

Remember too that there are some instances where your refrigerant may be low without the development of a leak. It may have been improperly charged to begin with, or some refrigerant may have been lost during your last repair or maintenance service. Either way, it is important to have the right refrigerant charge in your system.

Refrigerant leaks can seriously hinder the operation of your AC. Call the Tampa, FL air conditioning repair professionals at Ierna’s Heating and Cooling to ensure that you have the right amount of refrigerant in your air conditioner. If there is a problem, our team can resolve it.