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AC Tip: Using Heat Pumps for Air Conditioning


In addition to providing your Tampa home with energy efficient heating, heat pumps can also keep you home cool by reversing its operation process. Heat pumps transfer warm air indoors to heat your home, and can also transfer that warm air out to cool it.  Heat pumps actually function very similarly to a central air conditioning system when they are in cooling mode.

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During the air conditioning process, a heat pump pulls cold temperatures from the air while hotter air from indoors is transferred outdoors.

Heat pumps are highly energy-efficient, particularly during colder months when the heat pump is being used to heat indoor air.  Heat pumps use quite a bit less energy to run them than other heating systems, ranging anywhere from 8 to 10 HSPF. This is well above the 7.7 HSPF minimum required.  During the air conditioning cycle, heat pumps are still very energy-efficient, ranging anywhere from 14 to 18 SEER, which is well above the minimum 13 SEER that is required.

Heat pumps are smaller than many other home heating and cooling options, and because they are installed outside they save interior space.  They are also known for their easy installation, fewer repair needs, and less expensive maintenance.

So when you are looking for a single option that will both heat and cool your indoor air with ease while being energy-efficient and offering a variety of benefits, a heat pump may just be the right choice.  Let our well-trained Tampa air conditioning technicians answer any additional questions you may have about heat pumps, and also provide you with excellent heat pump installation services. We have the training and experience necessary to help you get the most out of your heat pump. Call Ierna’s Heating & Cooling today!