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AC Tip: Boosting AC Efficiency with a Zone Control System


Homeowners are increasingly conscious of the benefits of increased efficiency in their Odessa HVAC systems. For air conditioning especially, small changes and upgrades to your home can have a huge impact on how efficient your system is as a whole. One such upgrade that can be done quickly and on a budget is installation of a zone control system.

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 What is a Zone Control System?

A zone control system separates your home into separate climate zones, each with their own thermostat. So, instead of a single central thermostat that determines how much cooling is delivered to your entire home, you can have multiple thermostats on each floor or even in each room of your home.

Zone control systems can be installed on most major brands and types of modern air conditioners (and heating systems) and often involve upgrading your thermostats to programmable, digital models.

How Does a Zone Control System Boost Efficiency?

A zone control system boosts efficiency in a number of ways. To start, it instantly reduces the volume of cooling delivered to your entire home. You can turn off the thermostats in rooms you are not in and even when they are on, they will ensure more accurate readings. If your downstairs rooms are generally cooler than upstairs, the cooling delivered will be sufficient for that specific room.

Zone control systems are also programmable, making it possible to determine when each room of the house receives cooling. Bedrooms can be set to 80 degrees throughout they day and cooling will be minimized.

A zone control system not only lowers energy consumption but improves comfort levels by allowing individual people to decide what temperature it will be where they are. This is a great upgrade and one of the most effective you can make to improve efficiency for your Odessa AC system.

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