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Sounds You Never Want to Hear from Your AC

Sounds You Never Want to Hear from Your AC

As your AC ages and you spend more days with your system running, you might notice new things arising. Hopefully, these new things are good, like an adjustable fan speed that you never noticed before or a temperature preset feature that you glossed over while reading the manual.

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If your realization is less pleasant—for instance, the subtle whooshing noise your AC used to make when it was brand new has progressed into a staccato clunking—then this is the list for you. If your AC is making any of these noises, you should call our amazing team at IERNA’s Heating, Cooling & Plumbing for air conditioning repair in Tampa.


If your air conditioner is humming, you’re probably in luck. Humming from an AC unit is typically one of the more benign sounds caused by dust and dirt. All the unit typically needs is the top removed and the interior gently wiped down with a cloth.


If your AC sounds like it’s bubbling, it’s most likely due to low refrigerant levels. Your system might have a leak somewhere that is allowing the required levels of fluids to trickle out. One of our experienced techs can come out, assess the situation, and determine how to repair your system.

Clicking and Buzzing

Clicking and buzzing almost always indicates that something has gone awry with the electrical system. Continuous clicking happens most often when electrical signals are malfunctioning. The control panel continuously attempts to send signals causing switches to turn on and off. It’s more than likely that replacing the thermostat will solve a persistent clicking problem. Buzzing more likely indicates that a wire is loose or frayed and causing electricity to spark within the unit.

Squealing or Squeaking

Either of these sounds can be an indication that the motor is going bad or that the fan belt is loose. A motor will more than likely require replacement, but a technician can repair a fan belt. Fan belts can expand or contract depending on the temperature and humidity levels of the season.


A whistling noise is typically a side effect of inefficient airflow. The cause of this low air flow can be from a range of things including a dirty air filter, leaking ducts, closed dampers, or a breaking blower.


Banging is often a sign that something is loose or misplaced in your system. This could be a small part like a screw that needs tightening or it’s often the fan, compressor, or a damaged blower.

Get Help from a Professional

While some noises are very clear signs of specific problems, odd noises coming from your system could mean a variety of things. It’s easier and more efficient to call a professional with experience hearing these noises, determining their causes, and forging a plan of action to fix them than troubleshooting by yourself.

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