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3 Common Problems with Ducts


Because the ductwork that provides air to your home is hidden from view, you may not think about it very much at all. However, ducts are vulnerable to many different repair problems and may account for a good portion of excessive energy costs, limited air supply to your home, or poor air quality. It’s important to maintain ducts by scheduling professional maintenance, duct cleaning, and duct sealing whenever necessary. If you’ve never thought about scheduling ductwork service before, here are three common problems with homeowners’ ductwork in Wesley Chapel.

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1. Leaks

The ducts of a typical home may be responsible for a large portion of energy loss due to loose connections or holes. Ductwork is installed in pieces, so it’s not surprising that connections may loosen or break apart over time. However, most homeowners don’t take the proper steps to keep their ducts free of leaks, such as scheduling regular maintenance and calling for duct sealing by an air conditioning specialist. Sealing leaks may significantly increase efficiency and allow for even cooling throughout your home.

2. Dirty Ducts

Indoor air quality is important to many homeowners, but dirty ducts can let a number of pollutants into your home which may exacerbate allergies or irritate sinuses. Professional duct cleaning is an important service you should schedule about once every three years or so, although this number often varies depending on a variety of factors.

3. Faulty Installation

Well-designed ductwork should be built for maximum efficiency and to provide the perfect amount of airflow in and out of your home. Placement and sealing are also important to prevent outside elements and heat from getting into the ducts. Unfortunately, many ducts are designed poorly, and you may notice a loss of conditioned air and higher cooling costs if your ducts are not installed by an experienced HVAC technician. Before duct installation, it’s important to find a quality technician for a custom ductwork design that will provide optimized efficiency and performance.

The ducts are a component of your central air conditioner that deserve a lot more attention than they are given.

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