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When to Schedule Professional Duct Testing


Despite being well into November, the heat is still quite intense throughout the day around here. We are certainly still running our air conditioners quite regularly, as we do for most of the year. If your air ducts are not distributing conditioned air throughout your home in an effective and efficient manner, it can prove to be quite problematic in this part of the country. Of course, the fact that your air ducts are largely hidden from view can make it rather difficult to detect problems with them. It’s not as though you can give them a simple visual inspection, over all. If you do suspect that you have a problem with the ductwork in your home, schedule professional duct testing in Tampa, FL with a member of the IERNA’s Heating & Cooling staff.

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Signs That You Should Have Your Ductwork Tested

The fact that you cannot see much of your ductwork does not mean that it is impossible to evaluate the condition of your air ducts. It just means that you must hire a skilled professional, equipped with the proper tools, to do the evaluating. Our technicians will seal off your ducts, including their registers and vents, in order to create a temporarily closed system. Once we have, we’ll use a calibrated fan to pressurize your air ducts from within. As air leaks out of the ductwork, should there in fact be any compromise in its integrity, we’ll be able to measure that air loss. Once we have, we can determine how best to resolve the issue. Contact us if you notice any of the following issues in your home.

  • Whistling or hissing ductwork, which can indicate that air is leaking out of your air ducts as they distribute conditioned air throughout your home.
  • An increase in cooling costs, due to conditioned air leaking out of your air ducts before reaching its intended location(s).
  • A decrease in indoor air quality, caused by pollutants infiltrating compromised ductwork, and then being spread throughout your living space via these air ducts.