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Top 3 Reasons to Schedule Air Conditioning Maintenance


To say that the cooling season in Florida is long or very hot is a bit redundant; this is the type of weather that we are known for, and it is precisely why visitors flock here throughout the year. However, those of us who live here year round, much as we may love the hot and sunny days, need a reliable respite from the heat. Investing in a great air conditioning system is must in Land O’ Lakes, FL. However, even the best air conditioning systems manufactured by the best names in the business will fail to live up to your expectations if they are not expertly maintained. Routine air conditioning maintenance has many great benefits to offer, 3 of which we will detail below. If you want to get the best performance that your air conditioning system has to offer, contact Ierna’s Heating & Cooling today to schedule professional AC maintenance.

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  1. Improved Cooling Performance: When even a single component in your air conditioning system is not functioning precisely as it ought to, it is more than likely that your system as a whole will not operate at peak performance levels. If your fan is not running effectively, for instance, your system may have trouble distributing air successfully throughout your home. A low refrigerant charge will impede the cooling process, and means that your system was either improperly charged or that there is a refrigerant leak somewhere in there. When trained professionals evaluate your air conditioning system, tuning it up as needed, you can count on such issues being resolved and that your air conditioner will function precisely as it ought to.
  2. Better Energy Efficiency: The basic concept of energy efficiency as it relates to your air conditioner is quite simple. The more energy that your air conditioner must use in order to cool your home according to your preferences, the more that it is going to cost in order to do so. Assuming that you want your air conditioner to function at the highest level of energy efficiency that it can muster, you really must schedule routine air conditioning maintenance. A poorly maintained system is going to develop wear and tear that will only make it harder and harder to cool your home sufficiently. This will result in higher and higher energy costs, which will eventually become rather cost prohibitive for most homeowners.
  3. Reduced Risk of Damages: There is no way in which any mechanical system can offer 100% reliability. All such systems, your AC included, are subject to operational problems from time to time. By keeping your system in the best working condition possible, though, you can minimize the risk of any such problems developing. To schedule routine air conditioning maintenance with the professional technicians that you can trust, look no further than the pros on the Ierna’s Heating & Cooling Team. Call today  to get started.