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A Rave Review From Land O Lakes, FL

Friday, July 6th, 2012

Customer Review | Land O Lakes | Ierna's Heating & Cooling” I called early in the morning because my outside unit stopped working the night before and caused the air to blow warm. The girl who answered the phone was very polite and took my information and told me that they would be by in the later part of the day and that they would call at least 30min before arrival. I received a call from the service guy in the middle of the afternoon telling me that he would be by around 6:30-7pm and asked if that was acceptable (I’m sure they’re SWAMPED in the Summer). Running just a little late, Matt had the courtesy to call me at about 6:45pm and let me know that he would be closer to 7:15pm and sure enough, he was right on time. He was VERY polite and quickly repaired my unit explaining exactly what he was doing as he went. He gave me advice on how to make sure my unit was well maintained, but wasn’t trying to “sell me” on their maintenance service…just giving me GREAT advice. It may seem silly to some that I’m so pleased with them showing up at 7:15pm, but if you’ve ever had to wait on a repair person “some time between 12-8pm” and they just showed up randomly…you will appreciate the effort of keeping me informed. Also, to get same-day service and not be gauged because of your desperation goes a long way for me. I had a GREAT experience with Ierna’s and would definitely use their services again, although I hope it’s YEARS down the road…..Thanks Matt and Ierna’s!!!”

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