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Air Conditioning Repair Tip: Signs your Ductless AC Needs Repair

Tuesday, August 6th, 2013

During the hot summer months, problems with the performance of your air conditioning system can seriously disrupt your comfort. That is why you should always contact a skilled professional to schedule any necessary air conditioning repair in Wesley Chapel at the first sign of trouble. The sooner you have your air conditioning system repaired, the less likely serious issues with your AC are to develop.

Here are a few tips to help you recognize the need for ductless mini split air conditioning repair:

One of the great benefits of ductless mini split systems is that they are able to cool your home very efficiently. There is no ductwork used, as individual, wall mounted blowers handle the distribution of cooled air directly. If you notice that your ductless mini split air conditioning system costs more and more to operate, there may be a problem with the system requiring professional air conditioning repair. It is possible that there is a refrigerant leak in your system, that a fan is not operating properly, or that some electrical component is malfunctioning. Whatever the cause of your efficiency loss, it is always best to have the situation evaluated and resolved as soon as possible.

Another sign that your ductless mini splits may be in trouble is the development of unfamiliar sounds and odors during their operation. While these issues may not seem terribly serious, they are often indicative of more serious problems with the system developing. Remember, even the most serious problems with your air conditioning system are unlikely to spring up overnight. It is much more likely that they are the result of operating a compromised system, giving the problem the opportunity necessary to become more severe. That is why routine ductless mini split maintenance is such a good idea.

To learn more about the signs that your ductless mini split system is in need of repair, give Ierna’s Heating & Cooling a call. We are happy to answer any questions you may have. When it comes to air conditioning repair in Wesley Chapel, you can always count on our technicians for truly outstanding service.

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Why Choose Ductless Splits for Air Conditioning in Tampa

Monday, May 7th, 2012

If you  do not have duct work to support a central air conditioning system in Tampa, there are two options – window units or ductless units. But, which is better? It depends largely on your budget, whether you rent or own and if there are any risks inherent in either choice.

Window Units

First let’s look at window units. Window units are the least expensive form of air conditioning on the market and don’t require any work on your home to install. They are good for single rooms and smaller apartments as well, and they can usually be installed by one or two people without professional assistance.

The downside of a window unit is that it cannot cool your entire home, even in an apartment. Also, window units tend to block an entire window and they pose a security risk, especially on the first floor. They are easy to remove from the outside and therefore should only be used in extreme circumstances if the window is easy to access.

Ductless Systems

Ductless systems offer benefits that counter all of the downsides of a window unit. Specifically, they don’t block the windows and are mounted inside on the walls. They are also more efficient than window units, using 30% less energy on average than a comparable window unit. They can be sized to cool your entire home and they still don’t use ductwork so invasive installation methods are not needed.

They are more efficient, quieter, and less obtrusive, but they require a professional installation and the units themselves are pricy. Another issue to consider is whether you rent or own your home. Renters may not be permitted to have a system installed like this as it takes up more space and requires some work that could alter the building.

Which Is Better?

So, which should you choose? It depends on the specific needs of your home. If you have two or more zones to cool and can afford to have a ductless system installed in your Tampa home, it is a great long term solution. For more information about how ductless splits can benefit your home, give Ierna’s Heating & Cooling a call today!

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