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The Details on Ductless Cooling

Monday, October 19th, 2020

closeup-view-of-ductless-air-handlerHave you noticed that your home isn’t as comfortable as it usually is? You’ve checked that the windows are closed and your thermostat is set to cooling mode, but the house is feeling warmer and more humid than you want it to. At this point, you want to figure out which air conditioning service in Valrico, FL you may want to reach out for. If you are up to date on maintenance and repairs, chances are a replacement is in your future.

If you haven’t already, now may be a great time to consider a ductless heat pump system for your home. These are ideal for a variety of homes for more than one reason. Below we have listed some of the best details about ductless air conditioners so you can determine for yourself whether this is a good option for you.

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It’s Never Too Late for This Important AC Service

Monday, September 9th, 2019

air-conditioner-with-tools-on-topOkay, so there is one scenario where it’s too late for this service—air conditioning maintenance, that is. If your air conditioner has completely broken down and the compressor is shot, then maintenance won’t do anything. In fact, you’ll probably have to replace the entire air conditioner. This is particularly true if its an aging system as replacing just the compressor, unfortunately, won’t help the rest of your air conditioner last much longer.

A sudden breakdown is a lot less likely to happen in a newer system, or a system that’s had maintenance done on it each year. This is essential—your air conditioning maintenance should be done on a routine basis, no matter the time of year. Sure, it’s most ideal to have maintenance done in the spring, before temperatures reach their hottest. But AC maintenance is definitely one of those areas where frequency means more than timing.

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Is a Ductless System Worth the Investment?

Monday, April 9th, 2018

Female holding a remote control air conditioner at home. Happy young woman on sofaWe’re all too aware that the weather in our area never really gets “cold.” We use our air conditioners on a pretty consistent basis, and given the cost of running these systems, it’s important that we have reliable and efficiently performing cooling systems. Is yours up to the task of getting you through the rest of spring and then our sweltering summer?

If not, it may be time for air conditioning service in Tampa, whether that be system repair or, in the case of an aging or inefficiently operating AC system, replacement. If you discover the latter is the best option, then you’ll want to look at the pros and cons of different system types. We highly recommend the ductless cooling and heating system! Here’s a look at why.

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Signs You Should Consider AC Replacement in Tampa

Friday, February 27th, 2015

As we head out of winter toward spring, now is the ideal time to assess whether or not your current AC system in Tampa needs replacement. There are a number of factors to review when considering the replacement of your existing air conditioner, and of course, you can always (and should) seek the assistance of an Ierna’s Heating & Cooling expert to help you determine whether or not it’s time to install a new AC. What are some factors to consider? Here are a few examples:

  • Your current air conditioner uses R-22 refrigerant (Freon) – as you may very well know, R-22 refrigerant, better known by its brand name Freon, is being permanently phased out. In fact, Freon will no longer be produced at all by 2020, even for repairs. As such, if your current AC uses Freon, you will have to replace your system in the imminent future anyway. Why wait until the last minute? Get ahead of the crowd and help lower your repair costs by scheduling replacement now.
  • Your AC is more than ten years old – there are two reasons why the decade mark is important for an air conditioner: first, the average lifespan of a traditional air conditioner is 10-12 years, and second, the federal laws regarding SEER ratings were updated in 2006, which can mean you are operating a system that is not very energy efficient. High age and low energy efficiency can have a negative impact on your overall AC costs, so it is worthwhile to see how a replacement system can help improve your AC costs.
  • You have dealt with, or are facing, multiple repairs – reliability is a need with any whole-home system. If your AC has become unreliable and as a result, has needed multiple repairs or needs multiple repairs to keep running, you money may be better spent on a reliable, new system.

Replacing an existing AC system is a big undertaking, and the air conditioning professionals of Ierna’s Heating & Cooling are here to help you with every step of the process. Call us today and schedule an appointment for AC system replacement for your Tampa home!

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Our Most Common Air Conditioning Service Calls

Thursday, May 9th, 2013

Here at Ierna’s Heating & Cooling, we know how much you rely on your air conditioning during the long hot summer. With a professional installation and regular maintenance, you can usually steer clear of many problems during the service lifespan of your cooling system. But, eventually there will come a time when you need professional AC repair services. In this post, we’d like to review some of our most common Land O’ Lakes air conditioning service calls. Call Ierna’s Heating & Cooling for superior AC services throughout the Tampa Bay area! We’re always here to help!

  • Land O Lakes Air Conditioning Service It’s hot and my AC won’t turn on: We hear this more than you might think. First, check your circuit panel to make sure you haven’t simply blown a fuse or tripped the circuit breaker. Next, check your thermostat to make sure that it’s definitely turned on and calling for cool air. If neither of these steps works, then there may be an electrical connectivity issue in your AC unit. Alternatively, your capacitor may have failed.
  • My AC makes this weird hissing sound: If it sounds a bit like air is escaping through a small hole, then that’s probably what it is! At a certain stage during the refrigerant cycle, the refrigerant is in a gaseous state. During this phase, if you have even a microscopic puncture in your coils or copper lineset, then you may hear a hissing sound. That is the sound of refrigerant leaking out of your AC unit. It’s not only bad for the environment, but it will also decrease your energy efficiency and significantly reduce your cooling performance over time.
  • I want more control of my AC: If you’re sick of the one-temperature solution of central air, but are otherwise pleased with the performance of your unit, then consider installing a zone control system. Electronically controlled dampers are inserted directly into your existing ductwork so that you can control the temperatures of different zones of your home differently. It’s a great way to add versatility and boost energy efficiency.

These are just a few of the most common Land O’ Lake air conditioning service calls. Call Ierna’s Heating & Cooling for AC service today! 


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Keeping Customers Happy with Great Customer Service

Thursday, April 4th, 2013

Happy Customers in the Tampa BayHappy Customers in the Tampa Bay 2Happy Customers in the Tampa Bay 3






At Ierna’s Heating & Cooling, we believe that you, as one of our valued customers, deserve to be completely satisfied when you work with us. We also understand that outstanding technical service alone is not enough to ensure that this is the case. So why are our customers so happy? The answer is simple. We not only provide truly exceptional technical heating and air conditioning service. We are also experts when it comes to customer service. The key to our success is keeping our customers happy, and in order to do that we simply treat them with the respect they deserve.

Drop by our Facebook page today to see some of our happy, satisfied customers. While keeping comfortable throughout the entire year is an important goal to achieve, Ierna’s does not stop there. When you work with a professional Wesley Chapel air conditioning and heating technician on our team you are guaranteed to enjoy the experience. Ierna’s is a family owned and operated business. The way we see it, when you do business with us you become part of our family. As befits this type of relationship, we do our best to look out for comfort and satisfaction with our service.

Our commitment to incredible customer service can be seen in the smiles on the faces of our customers as well as in the fact that we have grown our business each and every year since starting out in 2003. As our business has grown, so has our opportunity to keep customers happy. We love what we do, and it shows in our work.

Our team of certified, professional heating and air conditioning technicians is here to handle any service you may need, including air conditioning and heating installation, repair and maintenance. We are EPA and NATE certified, and we are also Bryant certified indoor air quality specialists. Whatever you need to make your home a more comfortable place to live, we are the company to call.

Join the Ierna’s Heating & Cooling family today. Call now to schedule service. When you need Wesley Chapel air conditioning, heating or indoor air quality service, we are just a phone call away.




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