Plumbing Problem vs. Emergency: Should You Give Our Plumbers a Call?

Plumbing Problem vs. Emergency: Should You Give Our Plumbers a Call?

It’s easy to say “give us a call for absolutely any plumbing problem you have,” but the truth is, that isn’t always necessary. For instance, if your bathroom sink’s faucet seems to be clogged, removing your aerator and cleaning it out is usually a fairly simple solution. That said, you will want to get to the bottom of what caused that clog, which is likely a buildup of limescale. It could be a result of hard water, which can be resolved with the installation of a whole-house water softener.

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But is that an emergency? Well, no, not in the general definition of the word. There are emergencies though, that happen in plumbing, which require a quick reaction. For those problems and more, we are here for you! Keep reading for some of the most common plumbing emergencies we get called out for.

An Overflowing Toilet

This one is understandably panic-inducing. Not only does it mean the toilet can’t be used, but it can lead to water damage in your bathroom, and unhygienic circumstances. You can stop the overflow pretty quickly, by turning the valve on the feedline to stop the flow of water. Older toilets don’t always have this valve, but if that is the case you can open the tank and rig up the chain to the flapper in order to stop the water flow. As a side note, we recommend installing a new toilet if yours is this old.

A Clogged Up Sink

Minor sink clogs—that is, sink clogs that can be relieved by the homeowner with a plunger and some elbow grease, are typically nothing to worry about too much. But if that doesn’t do the trick, it usually requires something more like a drain snake or hydrojetter. Sure, you could try store-bought liquid drain cleaners, but we highly recommend against it—these cleansers are caustic and can actually cause more of a problem for your drainpipes.

A Lack of Hot Water

Most plumbers, including ours, work on water heaters as well. After all, they’re a vital part of your plumbing system! If you have a loss of hot water, it can impact many areas of your home. You won’t be able to take a hot shower, clean dishes very effectively, or wash clothes thoroughly. If you notice a decrease in your hot water, the best thing you can do is call in a pro.

Blocked Sewer Line

One of the most common reasons this occurs is due to tree root infiltration. The roots of trees grow naturally toward water sources, and if there’s even the smallest crack in your sewer line it means not only do the roots have a water source, but they have a natural fertilizer as well. T

he roots then enter the line and block it up, which can create a number of problems, understandably. If you notice all the drains in your home are moving slow or are backed up completely, and/or there are foul odors coming from the drains and from your yard, it’s time to call in a pro!

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